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Journey through Australia: prepared tour or independent trip

Australia is able to surprise even the most experienced traveler. Coming to this country, forget about everything: dazzled by the diversity of natural and man-made attractions, diversity of flora and fauna.

Before any traveler, a question arises: whether to buy ready-made tour or better to organize the trip? And one, and the other option has its advantages.

The Travel package

You will be required a minimum of effort is to choose a suitable tour, to prepare documents for the visa. Everything else, including visa and insurance, organization of flights, accommodation and, in some cases, study tour programs, will take over the Agency.

This is perfect for a short holiday (2 weeks). In addition, the mediator will select the tour according to your wishes, but taking into account the financial possibilities. To calculate the cost of the entire trip to ready-made tours to Australia from Moscow and add to this sum the cost of food (15 to 60 AUD for one dinner), transportation (one trip by taxi from AUD 10), sightseeing (on average from 50 AUD per tour).

So, the advantages of traveling on the ticket:

  • The a Minimum of effort in organizing the trip.
  • The expert Advice on any issues associated with the trip.
  • The Assistance in obtaining documents.
  • The recreation of “turnkey”.

The Self drive

If the standard tourist routes are not for you, you can go to independent travel. In Australia quite a lot of tourists who come to this country yourself, take a car and a few weeks driving around the continent, admiring the local beauty. Rent a cabin for the night, and finding a cheap diner not difficult. However, independent journey, you need to consider a few things:

  • The Your English must be at a high level.
  • The to Reserve a hotel beforehand.
  • The If you are going on a road trip, keep in mind that in Australia drive on the left and very strict driving rules.

Independent trip will suit bold travelers who plan to stay in Australia for at least a few weeks. You can slowly drive around the most popular tourist attractions, and then go on unexplored paths.

The pros of independent travel:

  • The the Ability to “plunge” into the customs of the country.
  • The you Can see the sights that are not included in the standard tourist program.
  • The At any time you can change the route of his journey.
  • The Is a great way to practice English.

In any case, whatever journey you choose – independent or organized Agency – Australia will give you the most vivid and unforgettable experience that will remain in memory for a lifetime.

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