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Internet in all the Earth

The project Outernet is planned to be launch into space hundreds of miniature satellites, called CubeSats. The Data satellites can provide Internet access to every inhabitant of the Earth. Now about forty percent of the population do not have Internet access. Outernet plans to have a fleet of 24 operational satellites.

First, the satellites will be used for unilateral communication. This will be used to transmit urgent news, messages, prices for the crop. They will initially be used for training programs. Users of the system will be defined, what content they need to offer.

Behind this project the team says that the free information access is a fundamental human right. Because they want to provide network access, even in restricted dictators of the country. Peter Whitehead, who is President of the Foundation Media Development Investment Fund notes that Outernet exists to sustain the flow of free debate, the data and news necessary for the organization of a free and prosperous community.

Syed Karim is the Director of development Media Development Investment Fund says must be at least five years before Outernet will offer more interactive access to The Internet, allowing all mankind to have and download the available information.

Syed Karim notes that to achieve universal Internet the spread can be much faster. This happens in the case of attachment of the telecoms giants in the series of super-satellites, like the North American ViaSat-1. He believes that this requires about three years and twelve billion dollars. In the absence of such money will have to do everything possible with CubeSats.

It should be noted that sending cargo to orbit, the size of ten cubic centimeters, worth a hundred thousand dollars. The largest moon Outernet has dimensions of 34х10х10. The launch of such a satellite will cost 300 thousand dollars. It is therefore important that the satellites were much smaller and at the same time effective. Basically, the dimensions associated with the energy requirements. To meet them you want to install solar panels.

Now the Outernet engineers carry out testing of their devices. They are preparing for their first launch. Thus sought support from all who believe in this project. Engineers Outernet turned to NASA for testing their technology on the ISS.

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