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How to charge the battery from the laptop and smartphone

Smartphones and laptops are mostly equipped with lithium-ion batteries. Opinions, their right to charge, are quite different. Some believe that to recharge the device regularly, and the figure is expected to reach the level of 40-80%. The opinions of others: you have to wait until the battery of the gadget is fully discharged and then charge it to 100%. Who is right?

The fact that in the not so distant past used Nickel batteries. These chargers were without “memory effect” and they had to fully discharge. Lithium-ion batteries designed for service in a few years, but if they are badly used, – the term of service be reduced even more.

Charge need to regularly

It is impossible to prevent a complete discharge of your smartphone or laptop. The more often you will charge the gadget is, the longer it will last. In the table according to the number of charge cycles and depth of discharge located below, you can see that the charge should not drop below 50%. As soon as the battery is discharged by 10-20%, it needs to be recharged.

How to charge the battery from the laptop and the smartphone

you Cannot leave the device charging

Lithium-ion batteries don’t need constant charging is complete. Charge from 40 to 80% is the best option, so within these limits, and need to keep it. If left to charge the gadget up to 100%, to overdo the exercise – bad! The opinion that the device is charged for sure, and he will benefit is wrong. Skilled craftsmen engaged in repair laptops claim that it shortens the life of the battery. Many are leaving the unit to charge overnight. So this time the gadget is disconnected from the power supply, you need to use energy-saving sockets, which disables charging through the number of hours that will be set.

once a month you should discharge the battery to 0% and then charge to 100%

Many will see in this rule is a contradiction of all the above. Just device required from time to time otkalibrovani, which is made using the full cycle discharge – charge. On phones and laptops remains of the charge is indicated in % or in hours/minutes. Once the specified time expires, the device runs out of power. After having produced a lot of small charges, this is often incorrect, and the percent (of time) are inaccurate. To restore the correct operation of this function, you need to calibrate. To do this once a month to do a full cycle discharge – charge.

the Gadgets are best kept in a cool place

The higher the temperature in the room where the device is, the smaller will be its service life. The plate below shows the dependence of the charge loss of the battery from the ambient space. The device should be protected from overheating. Keep the laptop on his lap while he works, is also not recommended.

How to charge the battery from the laptop and the smartphone

These tips will help extend the life of the battery favorite devices. To panic due to the fact that the smartphone was discharged completely – not worth it. If you are going on a long journey, it is better to charge the gadget to 100%. The lifespan of a lithium ion battery is unlikely to exceed 3 years, even if it was well taken care of. Importantly, the use of the device was convenient and useful. It is only a recommendation. If you have a chance to use them – well, no – no problem!

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