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Free gas stations Tesla

Do You think maybe it makes sense to shell out a tidy sum of money for a prestige car and not think about spending on it gas station? Let’s investigate this question together.

In these photos taken a unique refueling of the production of Californian company TESLA Motors. The originality of these stations is expressed in the ability to quickly and safely use it to charge modern cars. With this charging of the vehicle is completely free of charge.

Free gas stations Tesla

It would seem that it is not possible. But now many such stations throughout the world. The principles on which to construct their work? Let’s deal with it.

The first thing to note is that the TESLA Supercharger is not a conventional charging for electric cars. These ultra-rapid charging designed specifically for the TESLA Model S. it is Expected that these filling stations are capable of charging the TESLA model 3. Serial production of this model is planned for 2017. According to preliminary estimates it will cost about $35 000.

Free gas stations Tesla

In the last couple of years the company TESLA Motors has opened around the world 453 refueling. Total number of speakers worldwide has more than 2500 pieces. What is the main distinguishing feature of these charging stations for electric vehicles?

The first difference is a totally free procedure of refueling the car. Owners of the TESLA Model S free charging at SUPERCHARGER stations is guaranteed throughout the line operation of the cars. Now that these refills are widely distributed around the world, the owners of the electric TESLA Model S can go on a long journey.

Free gas stations Tesla

Now petrol stations TESLA SUPERCHARGER installed at such a distance from each other, so that it can be overcome, spending only 80% of a full charge of the battery. Thus, TESLA electric cars can easily travel through the United States.

The second distinguishing feature of the TESLA Supercharger is the fact that the battery charging speed on them is guaranteed not to occur 16 times faster than ordinary charging stations for electric cars. Charging cable delivers up to 120 kW and supplies the voltage directly to the battery. In such circumstances, charging the car battery in half lasts 20 minutes.

Thus, refueling a car at gas stations near the shopping centers, you can not only completely for free to charge your car, but also to make during this time your ordinary purchases.

Free gas stations Tesla

A full battery charge the car at a gas station can be obtained in less than half an hour. At the same time home charger allows you to charge the car fully in 8 hours.

According to the website, today, the TESLA company sold more than 70,000 vehicles worldwide. Is the number of cars leads to queues at petrol stations SUPERCHARGER. That’s why the company turned to automobile owners with the request to use the station only during long trips, and at the usual time to charge the cars at home. The greatest number of cars TESLA sold in the United States 43 000 units. To our surprise, outside the States most popular are these cars in Norway. In September 2013, TESLA model S became the car of the year in this country. Such cars happened for the first time. According to the results of sales of cars in the U.S. in 2013, TESLA came in first place with a score of 18 000 vehicles.

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