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Eco-friendly inventions for charging phones

Tablets, smartphones are a necessary part of life, and they are progressing with breathtaking speed.
Huge screens and the hardware I urge all large expenditures of energy, as a result the battery lasts for a day, or even less. How can that be if there is no at hand source power& the Solution to this obstacle has long been studied by many experts and here’s what they came out:

The Rechargeable smartphone breath

Rechargeable smartphone breath

AIRE – the invention consists of a face mask, which leaves the cord connector for the battery. The principle of charging is based on getting energy from breathing! Is converted into electric charge with the support of a built-in Converter and generator. To walk in the street wearing this mask for anyone, but for the application service may need to travel enthusiasts.

The Great as a charger

high charger

On the front fork of the Bicycle is attached to the cylinder which is in contact and takes the energy from spinning when the drive wheels. Energy is converted into electricity integrated into the cylinder Dynamo-machine. Is transmitted by wire to the charging device, which is foreseen for mounting on the steering wheel. This invention is hard to be called new, but it is worth noting that it is most effective, a fairly short ride and the battery, even large containers will be charged at 100%.

The Turbo-charger – foot pump

Turbo-charger - foot pump

The air which enters at the wind generator working on the principle of the turbine on the basis of the air flow. The development seen in 2009, and it is called the Orange Power Pump. Quite practical charger, allowing for quick time to charge your gadget.

The Insoles for shoes Sole Power

Insoles for shoes Sole Power

Have a chance to be used in any type of shoes and unlike previous developments not stationary, and easily swapped in from a single pair of shoes to another. Absorb the energy released during walking or running. They are not waterproof, which is great for outdoor enthusiasts. The leg is attached to a comfortable bracelet with a battery, which is connected by wire inserts. The battery is connected to any device to recharge it. On assurances of developers from America, to fully charge the battery from 5 to 8 kilometers.

The SOS Charger – rechargeable hands

SOS Charger – rechargeable hands

Invented by engineers from Seattle, the initial cost of the project amounted to 27 thousand dollars. The idea of the project was published in the newspaper, and he’s gained huge popularity, which helped make the amount of 150 thousand. The idea behind it is the same principle of the Dynamo-machine, small-sized machine shaped like a rectangle with a handle, and a cord ending in a USB connector. The user connects the connector to the battery, and turns the handle on the device, thereby charging for example a smartphone. Compact and comfortable device that will need not only to travel, but home will not become redundant. For a fully discharged cell phone is quite a minute of charging from SOS Charger, and that’s enough for a short conversation, or to send 1-2 SMS.

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