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Builds a country house yourself, or buy ready-made

The process from idea of a country own cottage, and directly to the check-in it is very long and requires serious preparation. If you decide to build a house on their own, you need to understand that the construction time-consuming and lengthy process. Thus you are responsible for the material and quality of construction. You can also go the easy way and buy ready-made house immediately. But hasty conclusions should not do it, let’s see what opinion is available to construction professionals to this account

So what’s all the same to choose? The finished building and the short duration of the housewarming? Or the transformation of dreams into reality on an individual order? To keep the course and how not to lose.

Opinion of the architect

Building a country house yourself, or buy ready-made

Anastasia Kuznetsova.

the Company is the “House of Moscow”

“From the point of view of project selection, of course, self-construction opens more opportunities because you can build exactly what you want. The layout is made in accordance with your wishes and possibilities, is very important, if you have any specific requirements. Otherwise, you can spend a few years searching for the perfect house.”

The first step is to decide on the material. It depends only on your preferences or conceived ideas. Relatively, it’s simple. However, with the choice of each material will occur with individual questions.

You, as a customer, directly keep control over the construction process of your home. Every customer wants his fortress was durable and safe, so energy efficiency and fire safety are laid the foundations of the project. The external design of the future home owner discusses with the architect.

Do not skimp on materials and projects, as do many, desperately searching the cheapest ready building plans on the Internet. First, it’s not safe for you. Second, the “miser pays twice.” Will there be a weird project from the Internet reliable? However, you can take the plan from the world wide web, but to finalize it with the masters in the building trade. But still, we recommend that you contact the professionals immediately.

Opinion of the Builder

Building a country house yourself, or buy ready-made

Evgeny Novikov.

Company “Novoleks Stroy”

“to Build a house in financial terms cheaper than buying ready: you save on the margin that the developer builds into the final cost of the constructed houses, and can also invest in the construction in stages, while the developer will have to pay the full amount for home immediately or arrange a mortgage.”

And here is the plus construction. Buying a finished house, you get svoeobraznogo the cat in the bag. Do you know how this house was built, what materials? So in this case, the construction of the house itself, far outweighs the purchase ready. It’s worth to pay more for land, work and material, as well as to let them wait a few years, but the end result will be justified and you will be in it for sure.

Let us examine the advantages of buying a home. First, it saves time. Second, you can see the finished result. You don’t have to bother about materials and manufacturer of sandwich panels do not become for you a burden. You can choose the companies with positive reviews and a long experience in the market. And then you will get a ready home. Also, you have been living in the cottage people.


Building a country house yourself, or buy ready-made

Sergei Sokolov.

Director of ecodolie Obninsk”

“the Finished house have many advantages that relate to comfort. Imagine that you have decided to choose housing in the countryside village. You do not need to solve the problem of communication (namely, this is a common problem), no need to wrestle with as the road to the house. Around you already live neighbors, and the modern towns are built with a full infrastructure: shops, kindergartens, gyms and so on. Plus, you are purchasing along with the house and facilities management company. That is a caring homeowner you just don’t touch.”

But you should pay some nuances. Unscrupulous construction firms save on the Foundation, the roof and walls, when erected homes for sale. If you’re lucky, that means you have to pay for the additional installation. In the worst case, the house can be even dangerous for housing. However, to the naked eye it is not visible, but still, a construction expert to assess the quality.

the manufacturer

Building a country house yourself, or buy ready-made

Andrey Bashkatov.

Director of sales and marketing CJSC “Xella-Aeroblok-Center (manufacturer of aerated concrete blocks YTONG)

“to Build or to buy — in each case has its advantages and pitfalls. If there is a land, of course, to build. Often build from our standard designs, because they are repeatedly implemented and time-tested. Many calls for projects, purchased online — we check the project documentation whether all the nodes are designed right. Projects typically raw and need serious improvement, then we recommend that professionals whose work we’ve seen.”

Choosing a ready-made village, you get the same plus a summed light, gas, water and sewage. But still, an unscrupulous developer could save on this item, so consult with a specialist, learn about energy efficiency and sustainable materials. If all the rules and regulations are respected during the construction, all in this house will be perfect.

It turns out that in construction and in the purchase of the house you can run into trouble and to highlight the benefits. If the land has already been purchased, the question is removed, clearly to build. But you can also choose and ready the house to your taste, look at it closely. Go to a good builders or find a good construction company with a ready-made homes, then, in any case, you will have good quality housing. Good luck to you!

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