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5 the scientific revolution

In today’s world there are many innovations, without which a typical user would not be able to imagine its existence. This article describes some of the facts that in the future humanity will be seen as an integral element of his existence.

The Bionic eyes

Bionic eyes

If to remember history and religion, always we should remember this fact as the insight of the blind, only by the biblical beliefs that were possible. But we must remember that for many decades scientists have developed technology, which the blind had the opportunity to see. It is this vision combines bionic eyes. The first studies that have made some impact was conducted in Australia, that they were able to invent the first bionic gas, through which you can really see it, though not completely. Scientists are actively working to improve his invention.

The Man with a microchip

Man with a microchip

Everyone thought that this is only possible in the movies, but no. Microchips now are widely used in animal husbandry, in order not to lose your livestock or a beloved pet. But what if to use it? With this chip you can monitor its status in the sleep process, but what if such a chip will drive a man?

The wheelchair controlled by thought

wheelchair controlled by thought

Everyone knows the ability to control the prosthesis, which perfectly replaces any part of the body. But what if you could manage the whole chair, which will carry its owner? Perhaps this seems incredible, but such seats are available and they really can be controlled by thought. The chair will run simple sled team.

The Prosthesis controlled by thought

Prosthesis, controlled by power of thought

Although prostheses that can be controlled by thought already existed, but nevertheless they are not perfect. Scientists are now actively developing prostheses that will fulfill even the most delicate of tasks, for example, open the key door.

The Cloning of endangered animal species

Cloning endangered species

Imagine cloning mammoths that will become commonplace. Even today it is possible to clone some endangered species, but what if the turn comes to the dinosaurs?

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