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14 megapixel camera-printer in the form of a logo Instagram – Polaroid snap

According to Engadget, first impressions, which causes Socialmatic — doubt and suspicion. Almost all the correspondents simply fluctuate as innovative industrial designers and advertisers have not hesitated in the chamber of the similar origin and brought it to a state testing benchmark.

New camera polaroid snap the shape is more like a box for a CD width of a hardcover book with square edges and with side edges of the long fourteen-see Front camera in addition to the speaker, flash and lens with a fourteen megapixel sensor, has a medium size LCD display, which displays the smiley, smiling more when the number of photos taken on the camera increases.

Polaroid snap camera instagram

On the rear surface Socialmatic like a phone with the Android operating system. Looks like it is in a case, because the case is covering it has a large distance from the display to the brim. Over the 4.5-inch monitor is front camera for images in FullHd quality. Your camera does not have 3G function, but there is the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and another to mark the place where you take a picture, using GPS.

Captured images can be stored in the integrated memory capacity of four GB and also a microSD card or print. The device 10 can be inserted leaves of paper called ZINK Paper, and has a size of 7.6 x 5 cm It is layered and needs no paint: the image on it is applied using heat. The company plans to Polaroid there is also the issue of packages with this paper (ZINK Paper) for cameras, although its price is still unknown.

Polaroid snap camera instagram

According to Engadget, at the moment Socialmatic operates on pure Android, in which printing and photographing is carried out using basic applications Polaroid. The implementation of the device had to be performed in the fall, but his output shifted to 2015. The cost of the camera will reach three hundred Euro.

In General, the camera deserves proper attention and respect for her as first, is its uniqueness. It is unlikely you will find a large number of people with the same cameras. Secondly,it is quite expensive by today’s standards and the images on it are gorgeous.

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