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How to start running?

With the arrival of spring we start thinking about resuming Jogging on the street. No treadmill in the gym cannot replace a morning fresh air and pleasant landscape, and the birds singing, the noise of leaves will help you to feel as a part of nature. But a sharp exit from the gym or after winter (if you worked at home) to the street should be extremely cautious. Why? In addition to the positive emotions you may accidentally be injured and, as a consequence, to give up on Jogging altogether.

The maximum attention to the shoes

The important point is to pick running shoes for running. Pay especial attention to how much you are comfortable in this Shoe and then the color and style. Of course, special sports shoes are known and trusted manufacturers much better. In good sneakers less tired feet non-slip soles, not easily untied shoelaces. Properly chosen sport shoes multiply your accomplishments and good health.

The the Preparatory phase

The running on the street – this is a real workout. So approach him intelligently thought out in advance the time and place of Jogging, fitness and diet.

The Attention!

Don’t start with a long and lengthy distances. Start small. Move slowly and move a step if it becomes difficult, breathing strays. Listen to your body, allowing it to adapt and adjust your pace. In the transition from the gym (treadmill) you should start with Jogging on soft surfaces (trails, grass) not to injure the joints.

The Start training

Start the jog with a slow Jogging, and then possible increase the speed and distance. At the end of training it is recommended that a gradual decline or a transition to fast (and to gradually slow) walking. Then stretch all your muscles, especially leg locks. Your muscles will become more flexible and will not be hurt badly.

The Food before and after exercise

Be sure to eat foods with high protein content. Because it is material to restore your muscles. Don’t forget to drink enough water to avoid dehydration during exercise and throughout the day.

The Next step

When you are not new to running on the street and will run without a break for half an hour, you move on to another, higher level of training. Now you can change your route, pace, increase the distance (but not more than 10% at a time), alternate Jogging in the gym on the track with running on the street, to use of interval running (for example, 1 minute of Jogging alternated with 1 minute fast walk).

The running on the street

It’s always more complex version of The run, when compared with a treadmill. If running on the street use slightly different muscle groups. It depends on the surface on which you run. You must be very careful when running on the street and then you will be insured from accidents and unpleasant moments.

The Safety is also your health

Before exercise will inform friends about the place running, use reflective clothing, a good tie shoelaces.

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