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Manipulation of the people

Agents of some public services, psychologists, marketers, politicians, and sometimes ordinary people use some of the techniques of manipulation to achieve their goals in a case.

Most likely the victim of which was the object of influence is not suspected to be in the hands of the manipulator, and easily.

Command “Very interesting“, has prepared a list of a few the technique of manipulating the man.

The person Manipulation, guilt, or resentment

One of the most popular methods, usually a close person. In fact, this technique gives the manipulator an informal arrangement.

Over time, the victim involved in the game, begins to subconsciously understand what was happening and react to it with aggression.

The Counter

It is best to install with a loved one tend to forget the insults. If the person you have offended – will discuss this issue immediately.

The manipulation of the person feeling anger

It’s simple. The man goes out of himself, thereby forcing you to succumb. And when You are in anger, You easily win up.

The Counter

Never go on about. If time went on, the manipulator and in the future will use this technique.

Have the determination. Don’t give in in this conflict and don’t let the screaming. Keep yourself any hassles.

Remember! In anger You can say things to you that will spend much time to spare.

The Manipulation of man, with silence

All right. One of the ways of manipulating the human consciousness is silence.

Silence creates some unacceptable atmosphere thereby intended to cause you guilt.

The Counter

Try not to go on about “offended”. Remember, it worked once, try again.

Wait, let him first break the silence. Next, listen to friendly and reasonably explain their point of view.

The manipulation of the person, love

Not very current for today. The victim, who hears the expression “If you love something…” consciously knows what is, and the result can be negative.

However, the fear of losing love is very high.

The Counter

Noticing similar expressions on the part of the manipulator, think, is it worth it?

The manipulation of the human sense of security

The manipulator gives the victim of the verbal promises in exchange for something…

The Counter

There’s an Arab proverb, “Smart hopes for their business, and a fool relies on hope.” You need to trust the facts, not words. In the decision weigh the human experience, and not someone’s assumptions.

The Manipulation of human vanity

Little praise greatly pleases the ego.

Works well on selfish. Something like “You’ve done”, “what I offer You, no one can do better than You”. Or, on the contrary, “I dare you…”.

The Counter

Remember, if You wanted to do a presentation to the proposed provocative proposition? Think about your interests and capabilities.

The person Manipulation, sarcasm

A very unusual method of manipulating people. The manipulator initially uses an ironic tone, will involve critical remarks disguised as a joke, and provocative questions.

The Counter

Keep clear of thought, precision of language and emotional balance. Answer briefly and clearly, without manipulation.

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