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Happiness is the reason for the longevity

Since 2002, British scientists conducted a large experiment, in which take part more than 11 people that are older than 50 years. In the process of aging research, people taking part in the experiment pass the saliva for the stress hormone, at the same time describing the sensations you feel while conducting the experiment.

The results of the experiment can be seen in the scientific journal of the National Academy of Sciences. Scientists have concluded that under identical situations, happy people die to 35% than upset and depressed. 2 created groups, the first with negative emotions lost 67 of 924 participants, and the second, positive emotions have just lost 50 from 1399!

In studies, researchers took into account factors such as: incurable diseases, old age, depression, Smoking, sex, education, security, that have never been considered! In older experiments, people were asked pay a poll: “Happy and you?”. But psychologists say that’s a very problematic figure, because the majority of people are not happy from life in General, and experienced cases, that is, they think of those moments that happen very rarely.

The same results are spent their experiment, the researchers from Stanford University. The findings were published in the journal entitled “Psychology and aging“. Scientists have confirmed that happy people are less likely to die than the poor, so they suggest you smile, enjoy, fall in love and live longer!

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