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Electric shaver vs Machine – what to choose?

The Time

The Shaver: you Can shave right in the shower, and thus save time in the morning. Quite just 5-10 minutes, if you don’t have very long bristles. If you have a beard significantly longer and has become hard to shave you for a long time. The Machine: Masters shave in just 5 minutes. But ordinary people need 15-20 minutes of time. Judge for yourself: steam the face, apply foam and gently shave off his beard, wash, dodecanisa.

The Care

The Shaver: current models can shave even dry, so no additional care, such device is not required. The Machine: a set of tools for before and after shaving, in the worst variants — Cologne and cotton. The rejection of one of these tools is fraught with irritation, peeling, rashes and other troubles.

The Security

The Shaver: Cut yourself is virtually impossible. Shaving items are protected by grids that prevent any kind of cuts and wounds. The Machine: Becomes a threat every time the blade wears out. And it happens pretty quickly.

The Cons

The Shaver: If you lost the cord or the charging device to write to shaving can forget. The Machine: you Need to frequently change blades. It’s not like the lazy and forgetful.

What may to say, I use a razor, everything is fine. However, I remember a case when a friend bought an electric shaver, after 1-2 days of usage – was irritation.

electric Razor vs Machine – what to choose?

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