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What will happen if you step on lava

One American Professor on his page on the video service YouTube has posted his own shot video, which showed his followers what happens when you wear shoes and go to the erupting volcano in order to join in lava. In fact, the goal of the scientist was different, and he just wanted to check how strong is the viscosity of volcanic lava. And what happened with the doctor? But that.

If you think that the Professor, if not drowned in the lava, then at least immersed in it knee-deep, waist-deep, if not by the throat, then completely mistaken. So that fans of the horror movie is not interesting, but curious people will be delighted. During the experiment, the Shoe doctor of science only at the level of the sole, from which it became clear that lava is not what it seems, that is not water, but rather a bit of molten hot rock.

However, this experience, in spite of the fact that today, the fashion just in the extreme, need not be repeated, if you do not want your footwear has worn. Professorial shoes, for example, almost ignited from the heat coming from lava.

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