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Watch and shoes – things to style and status men

At this point in time, young people very carefully, and closely monitor their image. Image is the key to success, so choose your clothes and think about the way – hard work. in Addition to clothes men should be the additional accessories that will emphasize and complement the main image. This includes wrist watches and fashionable, quality shoes. But not everyone is able to choose the accessories.

The Wrist watches

In the modern market a large number of watches for every taste and budget. The man who occupies a large position, can afford to wear a watch with precious stones, but employees are less possible to find the watch a little cheaper, but quite decent. World Hours – this is the place where you can find a large assortment of this product.

Exact, reliable and stylish timepiece at all times will display the status of its owner. It is possible to fix his attention on the European clock, which are equipped with excellent arrangements, made in Japan.


An expensive watch will only complement the image of wealthy men, to emphasize his status. Of course, not everyone can afford to buy an expensive watch with gold accents or precious stones. It is worth remembering that all watches need to fit a certain way and treat this quite seriously. After all, there are sports watches that are simply inappropriate will look under the business bone and so on.
All the watch models differ from each other features, additional features, designs and prices.

The Classic watches

This kind of watch is distinguished by its elegance and elegance. Most of these watches are more expensive than others because it is made of genuine leather, but by themselves are round. These models can be black and silver. They do not contain any additional functions. Numbers can be both slave and Roman.

The Sports watches

These watches often prefer men who are engaged in some sport and are themselves active and energetic. Appearance of such people is often presented sports suit, shorts and t-shirts. Therefore, the sports watches will come to this way. This watch model is fundamentally different from the classical one. They may have bright coloring and different form. Bracelets are among the most likely rubber and metal. These hours can include additional functions. It can be calculators, timer and calendar.

The Shoes

Shoes similarly is of great importance in the wardrobe of men. To this question they fit very carefully and with special insistence. Wealthy people who are involved, businesses often prefer to wear expensive shoes accentuates all the independence of men. Most often it is the classic model.

It is worth remembering that this classic footwear can only be worn with a business suit, only in this case it will have some sense.

If we take into account sports shoes, then this shoes or sneakers. Brand shoes has an excellent quality, nice material and a great variety of colors. Such shoes prefer to wear people with active life position, who play sports, active rest.

Watch and shoes – things to style and status men

Every man should remember that expensive shoes should be treated with great care. It needs constant care. Because a wealthy man was wrong to walk in soiled or untidy footwear. In this case, his whole personality will just disappear and will not have any value.

We have considered just a few accessories that will help this man look good. But there are plenty of additional elements, accessories, and gadgets that will perfectly complement the image of a wealthy man.

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