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A calendar that will make your life meaningful

Although the saying is that time is a relative concept attributed to albert Einstein, people knew about it before. Because we know well that when there is something enjoyable, the time flies with incredible speed and it is impossible to cling to these fleeting moments, even lots of them. And if there are painful events, the minutes are drawn unbearable and hard to wait for a bad end.

To bring these chaotic feelings in built system people invented calendars. So, look at the calendar and know: today is Monday or Wednesday or Friday, and tomorrow is a day off, or any other occasion. Or how many days left until the long-awaited vacation or before the summer.

However, the calendars – this concept is also relative. It turns out that there are calendars for which the hours are long and there are some that makes one appreciate every day.

Here is a classic tear-off calendars. They were common for decades and everybody knows what they are. This bulk pack of sheets. Every leaf is a day. The day passes and the leaf comes off. But there is no sense of time – it seems that life is endless.

Calendar that will make your life meaningful

Still there are pocket calendars. They have the opportunity to plan events for the whole year. But it also doesn’t create the feeling of a holistic human life. The year ends and you have to buy a new calendar and start over.

So, all these calendars have a major drawback. They show a certain day or year, but there is no way to look at life. They show what day or year but it has no direct relationship to your life.

Recently there was a great calendar that seems to say that the initiative in communication on your side. He has excellent motivational qualities, forcing us to appreciate the time of your life. Design and implementation of the new calendar is ingeniously simple. Judge for yourself.

Calendar that will make your life meaningful

The calendar shows a man’s entire life in 90 years (although sad statistics show that it is often shorter). All these years are divided into weeks. The cell is a week. And the number of cells is year of life. 90 series – this is the allotted time.

When you print this calendar and paint over those years and the weeks that have already lived – you should be getting through. You will feel the value and the inexorable transience of time. After that a printout can be hung on the wall or put on Desk. Now paint each week and think about what useful things in it have been committed. Also celebrating the week in which there have been significant events.

So on a sheet of A4 printed map of the whole of your life, giving a clear idea about her limbs and giving an incentive to appreciate every new week, trying to make it bright, memorable, useful to themselves and others.

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