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How to fall in love with a girl

The Open her own positive properties

If it is certainly not love at first sight, then love can come because people are attracted to their own qualities. However, practically, the food in the store. Love often develops gradually, so that your task contains to show the girl that you are worthy to be near her…

A sense of humor. Not for whom not secret that girls love guys who can make a joke or to be funny. Tell jokes to friends, to be sure of what joke works and what is not. When you’re alone with a girl, the joke is a good method to relieve tension.

Don’t forget: even if you have no sense of humor, you just have to love to smile. Don’t know any girl who would like to have a man who continuously serious. It’s probably annoying…

  • The Be playful. Playfulness attracts guys as well as girls. How? For example, a girl sits and something to teach, and you take her hand and just sing any stupid song, be funny and playful gentleman… And most importantly learn to laugh at yourself.
  • The Be confident. To be truly attractive, you have to believe that you are worthy of it. The girl next to her needed a decent man, no need to put pressure on the pity berating myself. Remember: YOU’re the MAN!!!

So be confident, but not cocky. Oh yeah… And forget about boasting, it should not exist…

The no matter what no hope

Love is not a diamond that appears under tremendous pressure. Be consistent and patient

  • The Teach yourself to expect nothing from the girl. So You’ll be less disappointed. Including if You reach her and she will fall in love with you, then for you it should be a pleasant surprise.
  • The do Not forget that in the sea a lot of fish. If this girl will come, there will be others. Guidelines may exist, but life dictates its own rules.

The Find out what she loves

Do what she likes. In these moments the girl feels free and you in her eyes will get big plus just because of the fact that you are beside her at this moment. If she loves to skate, and you never stood on them, then you’ll need to learn and if the teacher it will be, it will be the best option.

  • The Does not fall in the monotony. Diversify her leisure time.
  • The don’t forget the element of surprise. Rides, room of horrors…
  • The If, after several meetings, she alludes to the fact that to go somewhere together, then you’re on the right track. But don’t rush…
  • The And don’t forget that romantic feelings have a chance and not be tied and you will become another man.

The Give her the space

Error of the bulk of guys is that they try to control every step. In such relationships, feelings of choking. Show her that you respect her life and not seek to occupy all her free time and personal space. Give her the opportunity to love You at a distance from You. Love appears in the head, so from time to time you just have to give time for the broth of feelings dovarese.

  • The When You give it to breathe, don’t jump to the other extreme, where do You expect her call. Let them know that You are interested in that, at least, to communicate with her.
  • The will Be good if you fix the date in the evening where you will meet every week and just drink coffee, for example.
  • The Give a girl a opportunity to sort through Your date. Don’t call her for several hours. A date is a huge experience and she will need time to put everything on the shelves.

The Perhaps she is already in love with You

You should look closer, maybe you just do not notice that she’s in love with You

Girls around the world want to fall in love, so they say. So give the next this opportunity. Look closely, maybe You are trying to fall in love with a girl You have no future, and her friend is not the first time gives the signals that You her cute.

  • The Girls need love and if she is in love, for it is evident.
  • The from time to Time when you stop looking for love, she comes. The universe has its own rules of the game. Sometimes feelings have no logic, but feelings that is…
  • The Be adventurous. Many in our days to be afraid to look for feelings beyond the particular narrow circle of friends and this is the biggest mistake.
  • The do Not fear, met in the network, the more statistics States that not a few marriages among the fall in love network.

So do not be discouraged, believe in yourself, live, look, try, and never give up.

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