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When run, morning or evening?

The When to run? If Your goal is strengthening the cardiac muscle, the best time to run the day. But we now not about it. To burn the sides a not the best day, because blood is full of glucose. And while not all of the glucose is used up, the sides will stay in place. By the way, for the same reason, it is often said that the effect of the run starts to work only after 20-40 minutes running.

But not so simple. If you are doing some push UPS after a workout with a barbell sugar level is very low. So, do not exhaust yourselves before training with weights running. 5-10 minutes to warm up enough. But the pooping itself on the track set aside at the end of the workout.

The Running in the morning

Again we go back to our glucose. The night we spent on the activity. Yes, the night we breathe, the heart drives the blood through the veins, we gotta maintain body temperature. It takes lots and lots of energy. By the way, the day our muscles are destroyed and do not grow during exercise, and during sleep. It Oh as a lot of calories consumed. So that morning is a great time for running. Take BCAA’s to keep our muscles from breaking down, eat well, or at least egg whites. And go to run.

The Running in the evening

It seems that the situation should be the same as day. Though…. Yes, we need 20-40 minutes of exercise to burn glucose, after which training will start. But the burning of fat on the sides occurs not only during exercise, but very long after it. Because the body needs to recover. It also needs energy. But take we it can only be of fat, if a late dinner is in your plans will not. So if a late night snack will not meet you after practice, adding to the sugar levels. Safely wear sneakers.

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