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How to see well without glasses?

Losing a contact lens or breaking your glasses, everyone around you turns into a blur, and to read what is written on the signboard of the building or in the cafe menu, it becomes a problem? Feeling, of course, not pleasant, but has a secret that will tell you how to find out what and where it is written, without resorting to lenses or glasses. To do this with your fingers, for example, bending your index finger, make a small hole. Now all that you hadn’t looked through this hole, will be seen much more clearly.

Why is this happening? Lens healthy eye focuses light rays so that the retina is completely clear image. And with the help of special muscles, the crystalline lens can change its shape to focus rays from objects located at different distances.

Looking through a small hole, first, it reduces the amount of light entering the eye, thus relaxing its muscles and increasing visual acuity. Second, the hole increases the sharpness of the subject, whereby the projection of the object onto the retina falls in the area of its most acute.

However, limit your peripheral vision, which is why the above method does not apply to improve vision in General.

How to improve eyesight?

Performing some simple exercises in the morning, when his eyes rested to sleep when they are tired, you can not only maintain your vision, but by the end of the first month, even to note a small improvement.

To do this, warm your palms by rubbing them together, then attach in 5 seconds to closed eyes. The Repeat this 3 times.

Make on 10 rotatory movements of the eyes clockwise and counterclockwise, initially looking up.

Take in hand any object. Stretching his hand forward at eye level, focus on the subject and then start to slowly bring him closer to him to 15 cm of the nose. Now slowly Attaleia subject ago. The Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Joints of the thumbs in small circular movements massage your temples first, then the nose between the eyes and in the end, under the eyes on either side of her.

Relax, 3 minutes threw back his head and closed his eyes.

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