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Why in Asia eat with chopsticks?

According to historians, the Chinese began sticks approximately 4-5 thousand years ago, and they were used only in the process of cooking — long wooden sticks is very convenient to lower and remove, for example, pieces of meat from pots of boiling water or oil.

Cutlery sticks were only about 400-500 years BC, and most likely, this is due to the rapid growth of the population: food was not enough, and the people of China cut its small pieces that the food prepared faster and easier to share for a big company. Chopped dish there is no need to cut with a knife, but it is very convenient to take chopsticks, which also extremely simple to manufacture and cheap, so the innovation quickly spread throughout the country.

Some of the historians links the decline in popularity of the knife as the Cutlery with the teachings of the wise man of kun-Tzu, whom the Western world knows how Confucius. The philosopher was a vegetarian and strongly protested against the use of a knife in the meal. It is even credited with the following expression: “an Honest and honorable man avoids the slaughterhouse and the kitchen side and does not hold the knife on his Desk“.

The idea of the sage’s influence on his contemporaries, so if kun-Tzu really spoke like that, it certainly raised the ‘ authority” sticks to an unattainable height.

Over several decades of chopsticks had spread to the neighboring countries — Japan, Korea and Vietnam, and the Japanese originally made exclusively of bamboo and used only in religious ceremonies.

During the reign of the great Chinese dynasties, the members of the nobility ate with silver chopsticks, hoping thereby to avoid poisoning: it was thought that contact with toxic substances silver becomes black, but this is not always the case, for example, it does not react to cyanide, arsenic and some other poisons.

Many people are surprised why in Asian countries the rice to eat it with chopsticks, in fact take it with a spoon much easier. The fact is that in Asia, often cooked short-grain rice, which is easily glued together in lumps, and so its pretty easy to eat with chopsticks.

By the way, some of the Asian companies manufacturing chips and electronic devices before taking the man to work, be sure to check out his skills with the sticks — this allows you to assess fine motor skills and hand coordination are required when assembling the products.

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