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The most delicious barbecue recipes gourmet

The 1. Khachapuri: Imeretian

Ingredients: 240 g lamb, spices, 25 g onion or green onion, half lemon, or tkemali sauce.

Traditionally, barbecue-one uses lamb, which is cut into small pieces weighing approximately 35-40 g. Meat sprinkle with salt and strung on a skewer, then fry until cooked over wood coals. A great side dish to that barbecue will be or green onions, cut into thin rings, onion, and lemon or plum sauce. Good fit and fire roasted tomatoes, eggplants stuffed with a mixture of sheep fat, pepper, herbs and salt, or pickles.

The feeding dish on the table, decorate it with parsley. Preparing skewers of meat old animals, it should be pre-marinated to softness and better taste.

The 2. Armenian barbecue

Ingredients: 300 g lamb, fresh herbs 20 g, 50-60 g of onion, 20 gr sheep fat, 10 grams of vodka or cognac, red pepper, 0,2 citric acid, dried mint and dill.

Lamb needs to be fatter. It is cut into pieces about 4 cm thick, seasoned with spices: salt, finely chopped onion, pepper, citric acid, dry greens. Also add the meat in brandy or vodka and set in a cool place to marinate for 6 – 7 hours.

After the meat is sufficiently marinated, take them on a skewer through one with pieces of sheep fat. You should fry on the grill, from time to time turning the skewers, which should be placed vertically. When roasting is complete – cut off the outer layer, a bed on a plate.

Feeding on the table, cut the onion slices as a garnish, or let guests spit-roasted potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant.

The 3. Skewers of beef with mushrooms and onions

Cut into equal cubes of fresh fillet of beef. Grind the vegetable oil and red pepper, then fill it with meat and leave for a couple of hours. Mushrooms and onion cut into large rings, stringing them on a skewer alternately with pieces of meat. Lightly sprinkle with the remaining marinade, then roast it over the coals. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste cooked meat.

The 4. Barbecue pork

Ingredients: 500 g pork, 2-3 pods of pepper (pickled), 5 tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of butter or oil, salt, hot sauce, pepper, 5 pieces of canned or pickled apples.

It is best suitable for lean pork, which must be cut into cubes and sprinkle to taste with salt and pepper. Cut apples, peeled onion, cut the tomatoes in half. Onions should be steamed for a few minutes. Remove the seeds from fresh pods, after you chop them. If You have canned pods – cut them in half or quarters.
Alternately strung on a skewer meat together with the apples and onions with all that butter or vegetable oil, and hot sauce. When the meat is prepared, the kebabs immediately served on the table. Garnish will suit boiled potatoes or rice, green onions, fresh salad vegetables, with a dressing made of hot sauce.

The 5. Lamb skewers with zucchini

Need sirloin hind leg of mutton, which cut into medium size pieces and then salt to taste. Take a pumpkin, clean it from the peel, cut into slices and sprinkle with salt. Using one strung on skewers pieces of meat and slices of zucchini, hold the meat over moderately hot coals until Golden brown. Remove from heat, let cool 10 minutes, sprinkle with chopped herbs, moistened with the beaten egg and continue to cook over coals. Serve kebabs with fresh vegetables and herbs.

The 6. Chicken shashlik

Take the chicken carcass and chop into equal pieces, 30-40 g. Cut the onion and add it to the meat. The marinade can be made of citric acid solution, 3% vinegar, or fruit vinegar. Keep meat and onions in the marinade for about three hours in a cool place. After marinating, fry chicken pieces over coals, periodically greasing them with vegetable oil and remaining marinade. Best chicken kebab served hot and to combine with fresh vegetables.

The 7. Skewers of cooked poultry carcasses

Boil until half-cooked carcass of a duck or chicken, grease the inside with salt, various spices and a small amount of vegetable oil. Associated stronger wings and legs. Again, but now all the poultry and the outside grease with vegetable oil and salt. For easy flipping fry on two skewers. Ready carcass cuts into pieces and the bed on the paper, sprinkle the top with chopped garlic and herbs and wrap for 10 minutes to give barbecue the flavor. This barbecue will fit spicy tomato sauce.

The 8. Chicken skewers in peanut marinade

Cut into small pieces the chicken and RUB with a mixture of spices: chopped onion, roasted and pounded nuts, garlic and vegetable oil. Meat in this form to leave for 30 minutes, after which pepper and salt to taste. Cook over hot coals, served with spicy tomato sauce. The most delicious recipes for barbecue connoisseurs.

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