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From what should be discarded in the process of losing weight

Many women, for that would lose weight, trying to follow a diet giving up their favorite foods. But to lose weight fast, you have to consider to stop using the basic 11 ingredients, which prevent to lose weight.

The 1. In the process of shedding excess weight you need to protect yourself from sugar, including from packaged juices. It has properties that make it difficult to lose weight.

The 2. you Need to restrict yourself from eating potatoes. You can only eat young, boiled or baked would be far more useful.

The 3. to Give up sweets, pastry and various baking.

The 4. Products that includes starch, should also be deleted. These include white rice, which will bring your body only harm. You can substitute brown rice, and eat 1-2 times a week.

The 5. In the modern world, many women use Goji berries for weight loss

The 6. Completely give up fast food. Though they are rich, but have a lot of unnecessary carbs.

The 7. Dishes that have cholesterol also adversely affect your figure. Especially meat or chicken broths.

The 8. to Abandon the frequent use of meat products. These include sausage meat, sausages. They are not only harmful for the figure, but for the entire human body.

The 9. Eliminate foods that contain a lot of fat, namely, canned sprats, smoked fish. When consumed on the body accumulates large quantities of fat which are very difficult to get rid of.

The 10. In the process of losing weight is important not only to throw off excess weight, but also to achieve a good quality of hair and skin color. For this you must eat butter, which contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. To get a quick effect, it is necessary to consume approximately 10 grams per week. Excessive consumption of this product can only hurt as the process of losing weight, and for the whole body.

The 11. Many calories is part of the mayonnaise. So, if you decided to lose weight, it is best to pay attention to the cooking of this product, and ready it is better to refuse at once.

The 12. finished products Such as chips, crackers, not only harmful to the figures, but for the entire body.

Abandoning these ingredients, you will please yourself and others a slim figure and a rich complexion.

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