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Top 10 most dangerous military training from all over the world

Reliability , advancement of the army indicates not only the security of the state and its civilians. It is still and indicator of development and wealth of the country, the technique does not suffer obsolescence, training does not tolerate negligence. All this costs a lot of money, a soldier is a respectable profession, a good career. In the race of the armies of the world have their leaders, but what is a soldier when he is alone without fancy machines and high-tech clothing? Each country has its own methods of preparation according to their climate and other conditions. To protect Your home and Your family will help security systems for ohrana.ua. Our review will show You the most interesting approaches to military training.

1. Real grenades in the game “potato” (the Chinese army)

Oriental men in all ages have different stiffness training. Remember the fearless samurai,ninja threat. Now in the army of China during the preparation of the play the familiar game of “potato”. Actually , it is very dangerous and requires discipline. It is not about the baked potatoes. Soldiers playing grenades. The rules of the game are the same, the soldiers throw the shell to each other. Who hasn’t caught gets the punishment.

2. Shots to the chest (secret services of Russia)

In the Russian special services are using exercise shooting each other in the chest. While the soldiers wear a body armor. During these fights, the military can get bullets, which is accompanied by fear. These exercises help to overcome it . When training sometimes there are wounds. Regardless of his wounds, the soldier must remain calm and continue the fight.

3. Jumping in the ring of fire (Chinese army)

Very emotional looks of soldiers of the Chinese army making the jump into a burning ring. An employee wears a military uniform and is carrying a battle rifle. The situation is completely close to the fighting , the same adrenaline rush.

4. Training under water (Navy USA)

Navy United States considers its main task to train soldiers not to fear water. Training acting like pirates. Associated hands and feet of the soldiers experiencing “attacks” of instructors when it flips under water, sink to the bottom of the pool and back upstairs.

5. Breaking bricks on his head ( the Chinese army and South Korean army)

For the entertainment of the people’s liberation army of China undoubtedly would have received the lead. When training soldiers, and use bamboo sticks, scratching their backs on each other and on a head break bricks.

6. The eating of the blood of the Cobra (us Marines)

In 2014, 14 thousand soldiers for 11 days carried out a military exercise Cobra Gold. Involved soldiers of Malaysia , Korea, Japan , Indonesia, Thailand, USA , Singapore. In the past going into battle the soldiers were engaged in activities like push-UPS. Currently, the American Marines practiced drinking the blood of a Cobra, and your healthy teeth to rip the heads off of chickens.

7. Shooting at the soldiers balancing over the fire (Belarusian elite division)

These tests soldiers in Belarus wish to join the special forces. The service in this division is considered elite. You must pass a test that includes a 10-kilometer forced March. Also includes melee fighting, assault fortified, acrobatic skills, and the assault of a tall building. During the tests, soldiers through the log in their shoot under them is a fire.

8. Climbing (the Israeli army)

Training military in Israel, requires skills in climbing and jumping. Of terrorists who would wield in tel Aviv for a surprise, they will meet the soldiers burst through the window. The trainings are conducted in tel Aviv with insurance jumping from the tops of buildings.

9. The test of corals, rocks (Taiwanese Marines)

The marine corps of Taiwan during 9 weeks crawling around the rocks. Without using her hands crawl 50 meter path around corals, rocks, and naked torso.

10. Horseback riding through the smoke (Dutch guards)

Great joy delivered to the soldiers training involving animals. Horse riding through the thick smoke practiced in the Dutch Royal Guard of Honor.

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