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Mysterious room hiding the ruins of a Scottish castle

Quite an exciting discovery was made by builders, which was discovered in the ruins of a medieval Scottish castle called Mingary (Mingary Castle) mysterious room with fragmentary presence in her bones. This castle, classified as architectural monuments, due to the remote location at the end of the 18th century was abandoned and gradually turned into ruins.

The That was found hiding in the castle of Mingary mysterious room?

Now owner of the castle, Mingary is Donald Houston, who decided to revive the former glory of this magnificent building through the involvement of the builders to restore the object. And this abandoned castle could “thank” his new owner to give him plenty of intriguing surprises, which is also faced each visitor quest rooms at the club Cheetah offers at to see the features of this memorable stay.

Mysterious room hiding the ruins of a Scottish castle

During the restoration of the castle, Mingary builders had discovered the passage in the North wall of the building, where they began to dig. The researchers noticed in the initial phase of the excavation present on the external wall of the building arched Windows to detect inside which is simply impossible, so they initially thought, which should be in a mysterious room, and they’re just there and found. The builders reached the room with the presence of oak beams and stone walls and floor. Next, the team will have to remove the blocks of stone, and then will have the opportunity to access a pointed to the holes from which the participants of the project for the first time in several hundred years will be able to look out.

Mysterious room hiding the ruins of a Scottish castle

During further study of the mysterious room has been discovered that it contains only fragments of bone. The purpose of this room until historians can not explain, but they hope that further excavations will allow us to get answers to all their questions. After all, Mingary castle was an important military object located by the sea. King James IV of the Stuart dynasty, this structure was used in the battle with the clan Donald as the reference point.

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