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Preparing the car for the winter right

With the arrival of the first frost every motorist faces a heap of trouble. And, even knowing this, many people simply ignore the advice and do nothing until the problems started. We also advise, while a serious cold and have not caught you by surprise, you should take care of your vehicle. The first thing you need to pick up new shoes for the season. The choice of rubber, of course, is one of the most important points in the preparation of any transport for winter operation. Seasonal winter tires can be studded and non-studded. In some cases, you can use seseseko. But still, when the snow and ice, it’s best to put special winter tires that will be ideal to work in such weather conditions. They will be safer and more practical.

Do not forget about the necessity of carrying out complete overhaul of its “iron horse”. If you want to get professional services, the car should be sent to the service station where skilled craftsmen will be able to conduct examination and diagnosis-verification of operating parameters of the electrical system, to change the engine oil and brake fluids.

Battery: it is winter regarded as the most essential element of any cars. Before the cold weather you should check the density of electrolyte solution, and to charge the power source at 100%. Remember that buy a battery for a car in Kiev, if your old one is declared incompetent, is very simple. Just go to any shop or need to order a battery via the Internet. In the cold load on the battery is very growing, so the battery should be on full alert, otherwise you can not avoid problems with start-up.

Replace washer fluid for cars for the winter. Before buying be sure to study the composition and smell. It should not freeze and should not have sharp odor, then the cabin will have to stand this smell that is very difficult to get rid of. The body of the car in the winter because of corrosion is also often subject to destruction. So you need to carefully inspect it for the presence of deep damage, scratches or chips. If necessary, paint the damaged areas. This simple procedure will allow you to extend the life of the body elements without the need of quick replacement.

And yet, let’s go back again to the battery. It is important not only to check its working condition, but also to take care of the charger. This device you just need. How could you not watched the battery, in the cold she runs out quickly, and she will need help. Restore capacity you will be able to mount a charge. Just a few hours she will return her lost battery capacity and you’ll be able to start the motor on the first try.

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