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Где и как производят шины Michelin

Michelin is one of the most famous in worldwide companies specializing in the production of tyres for all types of wheeled transportation (bikes, cars, trucks and equipment, cars, airplanes, and even space shuttles).

The History development of production Michelin

Its origins the company takes in the French city of Clermont Ferrand in 1830. To this day there is the head office. The company “Michelin” – family. Its founders are Édouard Michelin and André Michelin. Having tried the production of various types of goods, the creators of the firm has focused on the production of Bicycle tires. During its existence, Michelin has absorbed many of its competitors. So for the past 46 years, beginning in 1930, Michelin owned Citroen Corporation. Since 2006 is a supplier of tyres for Formula-1. To date in 18 countries successfully operate 69 of the company’s plants. Every year, Michelin invests 500 million euros in innovation. For products and open new patents.

The Logo and advertising

The company acquired its current name in 1889. Advertising character, which is the company logo, there are over a hundred years. Since 1901 advertising information Michelin factory located in the pages of the popular magazine. Since then, a hilarious character known for his antics to all motorists.

The Michelin in Russia

The Russian division plant located in the village of Davydovo, Moscow region. The branch is situated on the site of the bankrupt company that manufactured agricultural machinery. Despite the high claims associated with the European quality products, the plant employees are local residents. When applying for a job must undergo annual training in France and in Russia. The Russian representative office of Michelin specializiruetsya in the production of winter and summer tires small radius (13-14 inches) is designed for passenger cars. Despite the advertised brand, the cost of these tyres is quite competitive.

The tyres Michelin have a low noise level. The properties of each model aims to meet the needs of a particular area (for example, the most popular in our country tyres Michelin Pilo provide excellent traction during a turn). Despite the fact that think bus simple detail of the car, its production process is technically very complicated. See this will view a video about the Michelin factory.

The tyre


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