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Why do wolves howl at the moon

Wolves and dogs often howl on moonlit nights than scare people, hearing these specific sounds. The fear and rejection of wolf associated with a lack of knowledge about the causes of this sound. Besides movies, legends and stories subconsciously laid the people’s hostility and fear.

Experts quite a long time and studied the animals of the forest. People were made rent tents a research camp in the woods. Numerous observations led to the conclusion that in the wild wolves howl almost every day, regardless of whether there is in the sky the moon or not.

Sing” wolves day and night. Just man often hears nightly howl, publish it as night hunters, staying in the active state during this period of the day.

The Why wolves howl

Usually the first time the wolf howls to the moon in six-month age. As they grow, the beast has not ceased to do so for the rest of his life. As for the pack, the first takes the voice of a leader. Itsong picks up the wolf, then all the rest join in.

Theories of the causes of the howling wolves that explain this animal behavior, a few:

The Howl – a means of communication

Researchers who are adherents of such a theory, believe that the wolf howl is independent of the time of day and moon phases phenomenon. Just wolves communicate through howling. This is an attempt to inform the countrymen the necessary information:

  • The to Declare that the territory is occupied by strangers;
  • The to Inform about changes in the composition of the pack (who were born and who has died);
  • The Share hunting, the talk” while hunting with members of the pack. A moonlit night provides better visibility of the environment, so hunting is much more successful. In the light of the moon, the animals actively hunt, and, therefore, are howling more often than in other periods;
  • The to Find partner, etc.

The Howl – a reaction to changing lighting

  • The Wolves (and dogs) are not able to distinguish shades of colors, because I have almost black and white vision. Neither wolves nor dogs specific differences in the sun and the moon can not see.
  • The But it is known that during a solar Eclipse, the animals panic and show aggression. During the Eclipse, the moonlight is very similar to the sun, which causes howling.

To this theory include the version of some researchers who believe that wild animals are sensitive to the effects of the moonlight” waves and the earth’s gravitational field. According to this theory, when the moon is full the wolves feel weak solar energy. This circumstance enhances the activity of the brain, which provokes an enhanced excitability leading to inappropriate behavior.

The Howl – a statement about feelings

This theory is similar to the first, but the difference is still there. Proponents of this theory argue that in the process of howling wolves broadcast to all who can hear their feelings:

  • The the Pain;
  • The Alone;
  • The Tosca (for example, if killed or died partner).

Howling indicates that the beast is looking for a pair or has physical damage.
Another opinion: wolves are capablesing” pairs. Passionate aboutthe practice“, animals lose their natural caution and become easy prey to professional hunters.

The Why dogs howl

The domestic dog is also a night timethe voice. The reasons for howling could be:

  • The Longing. When the owner is absent, the dog starts to get bored and howling. According to pet is the perfect way to Express your emotions.
  • The Pain. The dog will continually howl (or whine) because she has something hurts. Then you need to go to the vet and show him the dog.
  • The Joy. Howling dogs, not only because I grieve, but because of joy. Usually, when the host is in a good mood (listening to music or singing), the dog is alsosings.

How to wean a dog howl

The Initially, you need to determine why the dog howls. Further actions depend entirely on the diagnosis.

Some dogs howl to attract attention. Fighting with this reason is conducted in two directions: either to ignore or to reward for calmness. Easier still would be to understand your pet and spend more time playing in the house or on the street.

Why dogs howl

If you need somewhere to retreat, better to include a quiet channel and to provide the dog to play a lot of toys, among which must be chewy. Then while the owner is absent, the dog will pass quickly.

Howling dog responds to other dogs singing, strange and varied sounds of alarms, sirens). In such situations either you have to worry about soundproofing the house, or make an attempt to develop an animal reflex to the silence.

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