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That will help in the fight against mosquitoes

Your attention is some ways that will harm the dangerous bloodsuckers.

The easy-to-use example is to RUB exposed areas of the body with finely divided leaves ash or cherry.

To release quite a large room from the vicious insects need to evaporate over fire hundred grams of a liquid tincture Valerian or camphor oil.

The Essential oils, cloves, Basil or anise, also can help you in this brutal struggle for the rest. It should only drip a little on any hot spring or put them moistened piece of cotton wool on the window sill and the mosquitoes will immediately cease to bother you.

Smell elderberry and leaves of tomatoes, also do not particularly like the looting of your blood.

Around the campfire in the fight against pests without the disputed will help juniper branches, simply throw them into the fire.

Aroma cedar oil will drive not only the mosquito swarms, as flies and cockroaches, too.

If rinse decoction of wormwood none known insect you will not touch.

If you have suddenly ended liquid in electric fumigator, pour eucalyptus extract, it will perfectly cope with your troubles, delivered undesirable presence of annoying mosquitoes!

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