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How to save on travel, tricks experienced travelers

Each of us dreams about the journey, and most importantly, as if more sample sites. But many vacation – cost scares. the Team offers you a few recommendations from experienced travelers. In the end, it can help you to avoid unnecessary costs.

The dining menu. Coming in a cafe, restaurant view is there in menu, special offers, usually these dishes will cost you much cheaper.

The restaurant “all you can eat”. If You want to eat, better than you can imagine. The food is certainly not the best, but the price is acceptable.

The student Discounts. Here the students are really lucky – many places offer discounts to students. The passage gives an impressive discount – up to 50%. So don’t hesitate to ask for you discount?

The Sites, museums, venues. At certain times of the week, the price of tickets significantly different (holidays, weekends). This information is published on websites.

The the Living farm. You can participate in programmes of agrotourism. This program combines tourism with farm work. In return, You feed and give a place to crash. And it’s only for a few hours.

The of Living for the world.. Offer to spend the night in exchange for minor help to the hosts. It’s better than paying several hundred dollars for an overnight stay in the hotel.

The Alternative routes. Most airlines differ in price because of the route. To save, we recommend you to consider alternative ways to their destination.

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