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How to build a fire without matches

The the Production of fire by friction

This method is not for the faint of heart. And, perhaps the most complex. There are different techniques of friction, however, the main factor in any technique is considered a type of wood that you will use for the plates and stud.

The Rod is the wand, which is used for rotating and creating friction. If by rotating the rod, you will create between him and the plate friction, enough last start to smolder, then you can start a fire. The plate is best done from poplar wood, juniper, aspen, willow, cedar, cypress or walnut.

The For ignition should be applied to dry wood.

Drill/hand drill

This is the most primitive way primitive and very difficult. All you need is wood, the hands and indomitable courage.

The From tinder to build a nest. In the nest, you need to pour the coals that appear to be from rubbing. The nest can be made from anything that is easy to ignite dry grass, leaves, and bark.

Make the funnel. In the plate for ignition make the funnel, which later will be inserted rod under the funnel, you can build the cavity for tinder.

Place the crust under the funnel. The crust needs to be put embers, which arise due to the friction of the rod on a wooden plank.

Start to rotate the rod. Place the rod into the funnel on your plate. The rod must be the length of near 60 cm Push plate and start spinning the rod, holding it between the palms of your hands. Move the palms to the rapid rotating motion over the entire length of the rod. Continue as long as does not seem to smoke.

The Spread fire. Noticing the smoke, touch the plate, so that appears, the embers caught on the bark. Transfer the crust to the nest.

The Fiery plough

Prepare a plate for ignition. Cut a groove in the plate. He will run track for the web.

RUB. Place the end of the rod into the groove. Start with the push led by the end of the rod along the groove.

See to the fire. Place the nest of tinder with one end of the plank, and the plank during friction lift so that there embers.

The Bow drill

This is probably the most effective method of fire. It allows you to get an appropriate speed and pressure needed for the appearance of embers and decay much faster and, consequently, rather to make a fire. Not counting the rod and plates, you will need pad and onions.

Find Shoe. It will be necessary to create additional pressure on the rod that you spin with a bow. As pads you can apply a stone or another piece of wood. Wood pads, try to find a wood more solid rock than the one from which the manufactured web.

Take a bow. The bow must be about a hand length. To create use of a flexible, slightly curved rod. It needs to be quite strong. Pull the rod string and you’re done.

Prepare a plate for ignition. Make a funnel and beneath the cavity for tinder. Place the tinder directly under the funnel.

Put the string on the rod. Fold the string so that the left loop and pass it the web. One end of the rod, place on a wooden Board, and on the other end of the push Shoe.

Start to cut. Using a bow, start to quickly move forward and back, like you saw. You can say you got a primitive mechanical drill. The rod must be rotated quickly.

Continue to cut until the embers.

See to the fire. Throw embers into the tinder nest and gently blow.

The Flint (steels, flint, tinder)

This is an old technique. Never hurts, going camping, bring a tinderbox. Matches can get wet, and they will be impossible to apply, however you will still be able to recover the spark with the aid of flint and kresala.

If you don’t have flint, you can easily make it yourself, for this you will need the quartzite and the iron blade of your folding knife. You do carry a folding knife? Apart from that, you need charcoal. Coal will get a spark, and he would begin to smolder. If you have no coal, use birch bark or tinder.

Take the flint and coal. Hold the flint between your thumb and forefinger. The edge of the flint should be at 5-7 cm Hold the charcoal between the thumb and the flint.

Beat. Use the reverse part of the blade of the knife. Tap them several times on the stone. The sparks from the strike must please for charcoal, which in turn will begin to smolder.

See to the fire. Put the coal into a nest of tinder and blow on it softly.

The Lenses

This is one of the most common methods of producing fire. Any boy who has ever melted plastic toy soldiers, understands how it operates. If you have never cooked their soldiers, then read on.

The Ordinary lens

To kindle fire, you need a lens, which will miss the sunlight. Magnifying glass, glasses or binoculars — all will fit. If the lens wet with water the process of extraction of the flame will accelerate. Position the lens at an angle so that it caught the sun’s light, and the beam was focused on one place. Put in place, where a beam of a nest of tinder, and very quickly you will get their fire.

A single drawback of this method lies in the fact that it only operates in Sunny weather.

Not counting the regular lenses, for making fire this way you can apply some other items.

The Balls and condoms

Fill the balloon or condom with water, you turn them into lenses.

Pour water into a balloon or condom and tie it up. However, they are required to purchase the shape of a sphere (as possible). Don’t make them too large, otherwise it will be hard to focus sunlight. Squeeze the ball so he gave you a precise circle of light. Condom try to squeeze in the middle, so he formed 2 lenses of smaller diameter.

Balloons and condoms must keep from tinder at a distance of about 5 cm, their focal length is much smaller than that of the lenses.

The Fire and ice

The phrase recalls one of those school essays, but in fact, the ice can assist you to rekindle the fire. All you need is to construct from a piece of ice lens and apply it as usual.

Use clean water. The ice must be transparent. If it becomes cloudy or it will be the mote, you have nothing. In order to get transparent ice, pour water from a lake, pond or just put snow in a Cup or any other container. Allow the liquid to freeze. That method worked, it is necessary that the piece of ice was thick near 5 cm.

Make lens. With a knife cut of ice lens. Don’t forget that the lens is in the center usually thicker than the edges.

Polish the lens. After giving it shape, Polish the lens by hand. The warmth of your hands will slightly melt the ice and make it plane and smooth.

See to the fire. Aim the lens at the sun light. Focus the beam on the tinder and wait for the appearance of fire.

The Aluminum soda can and a chocolate bar

Polish the bottom of the jar with chocolate. Just slide the chocolate in the bottom of the jar. Then wipe the bottom with a piece of cloth completely. Chocolate — a good tool for grinding, which will make the bottom of the jar to Shine like a mirror. If you don’t have chocolate toothpaste will also do the trick. Repeat this several times.

See to the fire. Polished the bottom of the jar, you got the mirror. The sun’s rays will be displayed from the bottom and make the point of focus. The principle of the act is the same as in the telescope. Turn the bottom of the jar to the sun. Rays, as in the other embodiments, with the lens, must be focused on the tinder. Place tinder in the 2-3 cm from the focal point. Fire coming up in a few seconds.

Despite the fact that it is very difficult to imagine how you can be in the middle of nowhere with an aluminum can and a chocolate bar, this method of producing fire is just excellent.

The Batteries and steel wool

As in the case with a can and chocolate, is hard to imagine that you will not be matches, but there are batteries and steel wool. However, you never know. In the end, just for the sake of enthusiasm that you can build at home.

Pull out the hair. Need to get band length of about 15 cm and a width of 1-2 cm.

RUB the battery on the wool. In one hand take the coat to another battery. For this case, fits any battery, however, it is best to use 9-volt.

RUB the side of the battery with the contacts on the wool. The latter starts to smoke and eventually lights up.

Put the burning strip of steel wool into the nest of tinder. Strip burns quickly, because hurry.

We recommend to watch the mini-movie “How to make fire in a damp forest.”

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