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Samsung unveiled to the world its smart watch, smart watch

During the Berlin exhibition IFA world famous Korean company Samsung presented its new development – “smart” watches. Intellectual development are designed for parallel use with other manufacturer’s gadgets – a smartphone or tablet. Smart watch for its functionality answer the proud naming “smart” and have such options as photography, performing voice commands, and, of course, show the time to measure it or to perform the alarm function. But that’s not all. Due to its extensive features, the manufacturer has already received a number of offers from different customers.

Taking into account that new development is a watch, not a smartphone, its possible to call a simplified version of the computer, but older models. Most importantly, what Galaxy Gear can’t do is to accept and make calls and use Wi fi. But he is not created!
The new product boasts the following specifications:


    • display size 1.63 inches;


  • Resolution 320 by 320 pixels;



  • Integrated single-core 800-megagertsevym Exynos;



  • Bluetooth-enabled cost-effective Bluetooth Low Energy (used to communicate with the “parent” gadget – smartphone or tablet);



  • a 1.9-megapixel camera.


The voice command is appropriate for the office don’t need to use the second hand.

The body has two small speaker and microphone. The latter is on the inner side of the watchband that does not degrade the quality of the “hearing” your commands, but it protects the device itself. The strap of the watch to change to any other vending will not work, because it is part of the functional configuration. But instead, the producers have taken care of a wide range of colours possible straps.

Buttons on the device are completely absent with the exception of one to enable and disable the device. Management is conducted only with the voice.

The lock feature is also present – in order to “awaken” the watch, you need to touch the screen. This is one of the main features that distinguishes the new creation by Samsung of normal hours.

The screen of the device, of course, touch, using which you can flip through pages and applications. With hours is some control of the “parent” gadget – smartphone, namely on, off and switch the music, use a pedometer, count the distance traveled and calories burned. Also using voice commands from the watch to turn the alarm on the smartphone to dial an outgoing call, view weather, and more. Provided feedback watch will notify you of incoming messages, reminders or notifications from social networks.

An interesting feature is Voice Memo, which allows you to tell the clock,” suddenly came a thought, desire or idea, which will be converted after into the text entry in the smartphone.

As for the battery manufacturers specify the expected time of operation of the gadget without recharging – day. But this item is absolutely individual and depends on the frequency of use of the gadget and the duration of the mode is on screen with him.

Smart watches will be useful as supplementary protection of your smartphone. In the case that an innovative gadget moves away from the smartphone for more than half a meter, the “parent” device paired with the watch is automatically locked.

New Gear is an absolute innovation among all company products and, therefore, he will only in tandem with a specific model of smartphone – the Galaxy Note III and the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014. Soon new licensed firmware Galaxy S4, Galaxy SIII and Note II from the manufacturer will also be able to make friends with “clever clock”.

If you want to create such a “smart watch” for other models of smartphone, tablets or computers as Samsung and other brands, the company announced.

Approximate price for this gadget is $ 300, and in the sale the watch came in 140 countries.

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