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Ecohouse – the house of the future

The Introduction

For each person the concept of house is different, for some it’s the Foundation and walls, for some elements of the hardware structure. However, recently the notion of eco and so suddenly joined the public masses. Just meticulously examining the foundations of the concept, you can reliably answer the question about this term. Ecohome is the most ordinary house, but it was built from environmentally friendly materials designed for people actively leading and following the basics of a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the objects of manufacture and latest technological processes, this type of house does not harm the environment, are resource-saving and energy-intensive.

The such a plan

The process of building eco houses is a series of complex stages, which are interrelated. The house itself is a structure, which is independent of external energy sources, that is completely standalone item.

Electricity, water supply located in a separate process. Also because of the recent influences of the Ecohome is equipped with specialized equipment providing the scrap and recycling. As already noticeable from the title of the house, it becomes immediately clear that there will be evenly distributed and smooth accumulates the energy of wind and sun. The house will be heated through the use of solar panels. This will be enough, in some cases, energy will be even in excess, in this case, it will accumulate in special tanks. To achieve similar effect it is necessary in the early planning of the house carefully to consider the architectural nuances and stages of construction. To achieve this effect specially constructed around the perimeter of the structure distributors of heat. What about the waste? For the disposal of used elementary bioreactors that process the waste into useful fertilizer. It is not the end of acquaintance with ekodoma.

The materials from which it is built, should only be of the environmental type. All the well-known fact that natural materials have higher thermal insulation, ventilation and exchange of air. The whole process does not bring any harm to nature and the world around them. The most basic material out of which to build an eco-house is a tree. Some builders use a mix of wood and concrete, not pure and alloy made of foam or gazoobrazovania. This is achieved by a method of continuous casting, thus, receives the foam and aerated concrete. Some environmentalists disputed relate to such buildings, because the very concept of sustainability is under question.

The water for green buildings

The most problematic item is the delivery of water for eco houses. Only a careful study of the technological aspects will ensure the house liquid. Water is extracted by collecting precipitation or condensation. And also by natural sources, for example artesian. In some individual cases establish specialized cleaning systems that recycle household wastewater. Technical projects of this plan are already in the production phase. The term eco means not only the living room, it could be outbuildings, garden elements, garden veranda, garden plantations.

The easy fact can be considered to further the use of recycled elements, they are often used as fertilizers to increase yield. In the recent trend of bright is used in horticultural and garden industries are fertilizers of natural origin, as synthetically derived supplements will not make the output an environmentally friendly product.

Another advantage of eco can be called the independence from the prices on housing-utilities. A house of this type will lead people to a new level of life better and more healthy. The main thing that solar energy was enough. Although if you follow the continuous technological process we can safely believe that the problems in the implementation of the supply of heat will not occur.

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