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You will thank yourself and become happier

There is one way to become happier. What is it? The fact that many of us are accustomed to thanking for anything of others, while forgetting about yourself. And, incidentally, the ability to appreciate themselves, find the positive, worthy of praise in their everyday acts is a great source of raising self-esteem, and therefore will help to overcome all difficulties and hardships, will add confidence.

For that you can thank yourself in the moment? The Here are 9 simple examples:

The 1. Sometimes you doubt your abilities and your path of life. Such a state of misery may continue for a week or more. You think about the correct actions you do, what is the purpose of your life. Actually it is very good. So you’re not stalled on the spot, and yearn for growth and development. So you are waiting for new achievements.

The 2. you Have at least some work. And if you have a job, then you are provided with food, clothing, and you have a place to sleep. Even if you earn some money, though it’s not the most desirable work, but it gives you independence. And once you work, then you are a responsible person.

The 3. you Have the time to do what you love. It may be just a computer game, a good movie in the evening or delicious food.

The 4. you Have a real hobby. No matter what it is: learning foreign languages, playing guitar or travelling. It is important that in life there are important things on knowing that you are willing to spend the time.

The 5. you Have real, close friends. Let their little one or two. But most importantly, people who you can really trust your secrets. Who will rejoice in your victories and sympathize with your misfortunes. So what’s important is not the number of friends, and their quality.

The 6. In your life there is a place for little pleasures. It can be anything: a walk in the woods, buy a beautiful painting or a concert. Because it brings pleasure to your body and soul.

The 7. You find the strength to admit that some things do not go as you wanted. And you’re trying to eliminate these problems.

The 8. Now are you different from your former self. You have development move forward, you learn, change. Now you can objectively assess how you’ve changed – become better than what you were a year or two ago.

The 9. You are a dreamer. And there is nothing wrong. It’s been proven that dreams are, above all, emotions. Dreams are not construction specific plans, but nothing is impossible. Let’s say your goal is far, but someday you are sure to achieve.

Now try to do this step is to congratulate yourself. See, it’s very simple. And thank you have something for your little, but still achieve. You will thank yourself just for what you are. You, like every person, is unique. Try and feel how the mood improves. Life will be better, will sparkle with new colors. Certainly.

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