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What to do if you don’t want to work?

And have you ever experienced like waking up on a weekday, you instead begin to gather to work up an excuse to just go not to go? Not finding thereof, a whole day to think, “Hurry to the evening, I do not want to work” and to think of what to do, so the illusion works were created, and in fact, not work. Well, coming home, looking for an answer to the question: “Why I do not want to work“? A familiar location? Well, let’s think together, what to do, and then from your “do Not want to work out more!” quick, all colleagues will scatter.

The Why I don’t want to work?

In order to understand what to do if a lack of desire to work, you need to understand what formed this relationship to work? For the older generation question why the person does not want to work will not be difficult, they believe that young people do not want to do this in principle, well, comfortable it on the necks of the parents. This is partly true, but still it’s not the whole truth, not every student wants to eat at their parents ‘ expense, many people want independence and applied to this effort.

Asking such a question head, you only hear a lecture on the topic “no one wants to work, not counting me“.

So who is right? Because both views do not fit in your case, right? So you need to look for something else. Here, for example, is very famous among women of desire “do not want to work, want to get married“. Every third girl doesn’t want to work and wants to find a sponsor who will provide. Well, the older lady wants to work, not remembering the birthdays of the children and forgetting about the tasty meals for your spouse? No, with age, many women understand that their purpose is to create a family cosiness, to protect the hearth, and about any seat in the office and do not wish to hear. And nothing criminal in such desires there.

That is also not your option? Always seen yourself as a competent professional, and perhaps including a businessman, and now all cut off, did not want? Maybe it’s a consequence of depression? Let’s recall how you spend your weekends with your buddies-friends, doing family things, care about themselves, in General, cheerful and happy, until Monday will come? If the strength and desire to do anything not even weekend, it is likely that you are depressed, overcome with her, and the desire to work will return. But if the description fits, and crisis force is observed only during week days, then depression here and does not smell, it is in another – the work lost of interest to you, because you literally have the hair pulling itself each morning out of bed.

The Does not want to work – what to do?

Not fun to work with, and therefore don’t want to do, how to overcome this situation? For starters, let’s examine why earlier favorite, brings the enjoyment of work has become so unpleasant.

The 1. You feel a constant lack of knowledge, you have to often seek advice, hence the indecision, fatigue and unwillingness to do what you don’t know. If so, you need to decide would you continue to do this, in the case of a positive answer to your problems may allow self-education. This reading of specialized literature, and courses and trainings.

The 2. You no longer like work because you do not have the ability to develop, setceiling“. What can I do? To justify the management of your professionalism and ask for confirmation of this new status (senior specialist, project Manager, etc.) and in salary.

The 3. You do not interested in what you do and do you do not want. It happens, after some time you realize that this work is not yours, and therefore, you and pleasure from her could get, and even a good wage cannot compensate for this fact. The And what is stopping you to start at the beginning? don’t fear this lack of knowledge can always be filled, but the desire out of nowhere appears. The employer rather give a chance to a man not very experienced, but with glowing eyes than a great specialist, not having any ideas and not wanting to push themselves at work.

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