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The manipulation of the minds of consumers

Psychologist David Lewis in the book “Neuromarketing in action” spoke about the main factors influencing the level of sales by influencing the emotions of consumers.

The Emotional slogans

The world’s leading brands manipulated the minds of customers by evoking emotions words and phrases. If the advertisers using such phrases could associate an emotion with a particular brand every time experiencing this emotion, people subconsciously will remember the right brand.

So, the slogan of the Cadbury candy: “All this because the ladies love Milk Tray” manipulates the emotional need to connect with an important person and affect the decision of selecting a symbolic and romantic gift that will appeal to the lady. This trick can be successfully used by any Playground gifts.

The to Turn a product into an advantage

This is a very popular technique. Personalized treatment helps to turn a product into a competitive advantage. So, the seller showing the buyer the camera can say that the facts that do not contribute to the latter. For example, if you report that a specific model has a shutter speed of 1/10000 of a second, the buyer is not encourage to buy. If the buyer – the father of a son playing football, and the seller will explain that the exposure time of 1/10000 seconds can be efficiently removed important moments of a football match – the buyer will understand that he really needs such a product.

The Game price

Probably the most popular marketing trick is manipulation of price of goods sold. Customers have no time and opportunity to assess how the price of the purchased product are adequate and correct. The buyer sometimes may not notice the change in the packaging of a familiar product: sometimes she remains the same or approximately the same as before, but the actually amount of product in it decreases. For example, the manufacturer of the chips or other products in similar packaging can leave more air in the stack, reducing the quantity of the product itself.

Today, manufacturers are successfully using the strategy of selling smaller volumes of product for a lot of money.

The Pride encourages you to spend more

Today a sense of pride and ambition rule the people. Human biology is such that he is above all else values the status and image. People, for the most part, I buy certain products, use services, not because the possession of something brings pleasure, but because they want to impress others.

Ownership of goods of well-known brands can cause a sense of pride to avid fashionistas. And the more popular the brand the higher a man rises in his own eyes. This is often played by brand managers and marketers.

The Emotional associations

Often paramount when buying a product is the consumer’s conscious Association associated with it. Thus, of the two equal-quality goods, people will choose the one which he had heard earlier, which makes him some kind of Association.

People tend to respond emotionally to some of the stories. Manufacturer, making up an emotional story and linking it with a catchy phrase like: “Take a break – eat Twix and easy to introduce your product in the consumer’s mind.

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