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How to focus

For development, very important is the ability focus. The Observation and attention to certain facts connected with the right focus on these facts.

a Focus is the ability to maintain attention to specific objects. This eliminates the crowding out attention to other thoughts. During mental activities, this ability is absolutely valuable.

It should be noted that the focusing has two phases. There is instant focus. To this phase, the person resorts to a careful consideration of the pictures, events, performances, face. There are long-term focus. In this phase people use for meditation, counting, memorizing, learning, thinking, editing, study.

The Instant focus is achieved under all conditions, immediately and voluntarily. For immediate concentration is required the ability to quickly switch to another subject. So if you will be presented with a few people at a time so you focus on the faces and the names of these people for quite a short time. In this case, you want to carefully watch for what people will say and such.

For the development of instant focus there are several exercises. These exercises help to improve a person’s ability to concentrate.

You must take any object. Then for half a minute you need to carefully study. Next you want to close your eyes and attempt more precisely to reproduce it. In the case of fuzzy representations of some parts of the subject, it is necessary to revisit the subject. Then again, you need to close your eyes and repeat the drill. This process must be repeated to complete reproduction of the selected subject.

There is a kind of exercise, as “brain boxes“. You should choose three different subject for reflection. For example, a plan, literary or scientific story, as well as its own memory. Three minutes should be given to reflect on each of these subjects. The first three minutes you need to think about the first story, then the second, and at the end of the third story. In the period of each phase should avoid the dispersion of thoughts. This is especially true of memories of other stories.

You need to imagine the face of someone who you quite often. In this case, you will notice that you only have a General idea about the person. In this case, the items will disappear. Required to complement monitoring data, at the second meeting with this person. After that you should repeat the exercises. These exercises should be repeated until this person will not be presented clearly.

Next wonderful experience, will help to develop the ability to focus as well as focusing on the sounds. You need to turn on the radio. Next you need to gradually reduce the volume by setting the lowest volume level when you can even understand what I’m saying. While the weak intensity of the sound will contribute to focus. This exercise should not continue for more than three minutes.

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