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Be tougher, or as a leader

A group of researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln was carried out experimental observations in the region of psychology of leadership. Among the 900 cadets of the air force analyzed the behavior of the officers to identify the strongest leadership qualities. Usually when working in the office, preference is given to flexible and non-confrontational personalities who are always helpful, willing to help colleagues, do not Express resentment to the boss, implicitly perform any assignment. However, this principle of behavior in the team, despite the convenience does not correspond to growth in a career.

Analysis of the behavior of future officers of the air force took place over several years. In the experimental study revealed that the greatest authority are individuals possessing leadership qualities who have their own opinion, rigid principles and prove their point of view. The successful promotion of the individual on the career ladder requires the faithful maintenance of its principled positions. Strong personality appreciate people with strong opinions.

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