12345 (Никто не голосовал)

35 Jewish Proverbs

    the money is not as good as without them it is bad.

  1. The Adam is the first lucky, because had no mother-in-law.
  2. The If the problem can be solved by money is not a problem, it costs.
  3. The God gave man two ears and one mouth so it was more listening and less talking.
  4. The let God protect you from bad women, good escape myself!
  5. The Entered the wine is left a mystery.
  6. The God can’t be everywhere at once — so he created mothers.
  7. The don’t be sweet, otherwise you will eat. Don’t be bitter — otherwise you will spit it out.
  8. The Fear the goat from the front, horse rear, fool — from all sides.
  9. The Guest and fish three days start to smell.
  10. The Knowledge do not occupy much space.
  11. The Better a Jew without a beard than a beard without a Jew.
  12. The Man should live if only for curiosity.
  13. The Deaf heard, how dumb was told that the blind saw, how lame quickly fled.
  14. God protects the poor, at least from the sins expensive.

  15. The If charity cost nothing — all would have been philanthropists.
  16. The When the old virgin marries, she immediately turns to his young wife.
  17. The Parents teach children to speak, children are taught to be silent rodila.
  18. The from a Distance all people are good.
  19. The Can be, the eggs are much smarter than chickens, but they quickly rot.
  20. more Men would do if women talked less.

    Well to be silent more difficult than to speak well.

  21. The Bad wife is worse than rain: rain pushes into the house, but the poor wife of his throws.
  22. the World will not disappear because a lot of people, but because a lot of monsters.

  23. The God! Help me get on my feet to fall I can myself.
  24. The If life is not changing for the better, wait it will change for the worst.
  25. The whatever sweet was the love of juice out of it does not cook.
  26. The When there is nothing to do, undertake great things.
  27. The lesser of two evils, the pessimist will choose both.
  28. The All complain about the lack of money and lack of mind — none.
  29. The Who has no children, educate them well.
  30. Better to die laughing than from fear.

  31. The Experience is the word that people call their mistakes.
  32. The Grey hair is a sign of old age, not of wisdom.
  33. The Aging, one sees worse, but more.

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