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First date. How to look good?

Useful recommendations man that will help you look great on a date with a woman.

The 1. Hair

Not overdo it with styling products. Naturally, you want to build a meticulous hairstyle, prigladit all protruding hairs on the back of his head. Just in time for the kiss typical women stroking men on the head — you wouldn’t want that hair gel left on her hands? Don’t forget to put your hair need to be dried. Apply a DAB of mousse on damp strands, and only then they start to dry.

The 2. Eyebrow

If your eyebrows divert the interest of the interlocutor from the mirrors of your soul, it’s time for them to come up with. Can use a trimmer or an ordinary pair of scissors. Just sahashi hairs up and a quick clip all the excess. Unruly eyebrows will help to smooth the particular gel in the form of a pencil.

The 3. Beard

If you wear a beard or stubble, make it the most presentable. Go through the vegetation trimmer, comb it with comb or brush, brush cream to soften the hair on the face to your girlfriend, it was nice to kiss you.

The 4. Teeth

On a date the lovers are traditionally much smile because your teeth must be very white and clean. Before the meeting will certainly take advantage of flossing, it will save the remnants of food and make the smile more attractive. By the way, you can take it around with you. Understand himself stuck in the teeth of parsley or sunflower seeds strawberries have a chance to spoil the first impression about you.

The 5. Fragrance

To seduce a lady on your first date, use the subsequent trick: take your shower without the use of perfumed gel and clean your body, apply a certain amount of “zilch” Cologne (look for a scent that says Eau de Cologne). Make sure that the perfume came to the place where the palpable pulse: neck, wrists, chest. After a while the smell would go away, and your skin will remain only a light “men” smell. He will become so thin, that a woman will try to catch him, holding you close to me harder. Even more…

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