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Why you need a window between the bathroom and the kitchen?

Apartments in five-storey buildings and other prefabricated houses were always far from perfect. They were erected in order to quickly settle Muscovites the individual apartments.

About convenience and the beauty of the thought in the least. But still thought. Because of what judgment between the kitchen and bathroom could appear the window?

There are three reasons for the appearance of the window between the bathroom and kitchen:

  • The first, the small size of the kitchen and bathrooms required the disclosure of the space. The window allows to visually enlarge.
  • The second, this is additional coverage in case of emergencies relating to electricity.
  • The third, with the help of the window trying to get rid of a lack of communication with the external environment.

The position of the Windows architects twofold. Kind of like the extra lighting.

In some of the apartments in Sunny weather, you can even use the bathroom without electricity. Windows make life easier for people suffering from claustrophobia. But for security their presence provides little.

<>Now these Windows no longer do.

In new homes the bathrooms are quite large area. Radically different and the principle of design. Now the whole apartment is around a bathroom, and there is external light enters. It is not necessary.

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