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Ways to calm nerves for a minute

Human life is like a wild river, which has its own pitfalls, whirlpools and rocks. With the unexpected obstacles violate the way of life, make people nervous, irritated, causing constant stress. You are offered three different ways able for a moment to regain composure.

The First method

Thanks to the vision, a person learns most of their information about the world around him. Scientists suggest that the best for calming the nerves is an image that combines water and white. For rapid sedation is required to sit on more convenient to restore the smooth breathing, relax your body, close your eyes and imagine a cool white water. You want to see white water, and not transparent. You need to see how the water touches your head. You need to feel its coolness. Then the water begins to drain on your face, shoulders and chest. She then begins to fully cleanse your body from head to toe. This coolness is required to enjoy about half a minute. Next you need to imagine that the water gradually flows down into the funnel. This funnel will take all of the causes that appears stress, as well as existing problems. After that you need to take a deep breath and open my eyes.

The the Second way

Should be privacy in the bathroom. You need to remove the tie, unbutton the top two buttons. Next you need to open the tap with cool water. Then piss hands slowly touch both palms to the neck. You must first RUB the neck and then shoulders. The pressing force should be gradually increased. Then the pressing force is gradually reduced. This massage should be gentle finish with light touches. In the end you need more time to wash your neck with cold water.

The the Third way

Take a deep breath and exhale. Then taken in hands a piece of fabric is compressed in the hands and spinning during the squeezing of the clothes. The cloth must be dry. The fabric need to twist hard, straining to the max all muscles. Then the hands immediately relax and open, with the towel drop to the floor. At the moment it is important to feel complete relaxation of the entire body. This is especially true of the neck and hands.

Data simple exercises will help to quickly relax and calm down in different situations.

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