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The perfect gift: gifts for the holiday favorite, friends

Very soon all will run in the pre fuss, in search of the perfect gift to your beloved boyfriend or girlfriend, friends, relatives or colleagues. So I always have difficulty with The gift selection, so I decided to prepare ahead of time and help you make the right choice, to see the sincere admiration and joy in the eyes of the recipient.

Offer you a list of possible gifts based on gender, age, and Hobbies (no discrimination, honestly =) )

The Classic. What to evaluate each

Choose a classic, I would say neutral, somewhat trite gifts for those you don’t know well enough, but had the opportunity to congratulate them on their holidays. A big plus of such gifts that it is difficult to lose, your gift will always be appropriate.

The a Gift suitable for a guy and for girls:

the Perfect gift: gifts for the holiday favorite, friends

  • The purse;
  • The cake or other sweets that you made or ordered from a confectioner;
  • The a subscription for some interesting lesson or a master class, for example English classes in Native English School;
  • The embroidery;
  • The backpack,
  • The jewelry;
  • The expensive alcohol;
  • The painting with his/her image;
  • The a set of different types of coffee or tea (+Cup);
  • The tickets for concert, theatre, match, show, etc;
  • The banana;
  • The accessories (scarves, watches, gloves, belt);
  • The book;
  • The Notepad.
  • The cover for a passport or car documents;
  • The beach Mat or umbrella;
  • The set of wine glasses or goblets;
  • The pet;
  • The housekeeper;
  • The a robe;
  • The parasol;
  • The holder.

The the Perfect gift for women

a Perfect gift for women

  • The bag or case for cosmetics or accessories;
  • The subscription to a favorite magazine;
  • The lavender Bush (Jn. pot);
  • The clutch;
  • The manicure set;
  • The cosmetics;
  • The eyeshadow palette;
  • The jewelry;
  • The set for shellac,
  • The bag;
  • The professional photo shoot;
  • The hat;
  • The lingerie.

The the Perfect gift for men

a Perfect gift for men

  • The poker;
  • The cufflinks;
  • The toolset;
  • The pipe and tobacco;
  • The suspenders;
  • The accessories and beauty products for shaving;
  • The business accessories for your desktop;
  • The butterfly;
  • The tie.

The Hobby. Nice gift

If the person you want to make a gift, keen on something, it’s beautiful what you can make her useful and pleasant gift, however, the situation is more complicated if you don’t know anything about her or his Hobbies. In this case, it would be better to ask what a person needs, and if it should be a surprise, in any shop you can help the consultants.

The Sports gifts

Sports gifts

  • The putter;
  • The Bicycle;
  • The yoga Mat
  • The of my bottle;
  • The skating,
  • The ball;
  • The ski poles (and skis);
  • The sports clothing or footwear;
  • The fan the attributes of a favorite sports team;
  • The castors.

The a gift to the traveler, the tourist

the Gift of the traveler - tourist

  • The scratch card;
  • The compass
  • The tent;
  • The binoculars;
  • The cushion bagel;
  • The a set of dishes for a campaign;
  • The sleeping bag (summer or winter);
  • The Hiking backpack;
  • The thermal underwear;
  • The folding knife
  • The Carimate;
  • flask.

The Gift of the artist

Gift of the artist

  • The palette;
  • The sketchbook;
  • The brush set;
  • The markers or crayons;
  • the album with reproductions;

  • The colors;
  • The easel.

The a gift to a musician

Gift for musician

  • The music books;
  • The the guitar case;
  • The guitar strap;
  • The set of picks;
  • The musical instrument
  • The vinyl.

The a gift to the photographer

Gift photographer

  • The magnetic fastening.
  • The tripod;
  • The set of filters;
  • The the organisation of a personal exhibition of pictures;
  • The bag or backpack for the camera;
  • The frame for photo;
  • The protective case for memory cards;
  • The monopod;
  • The lens;
  • The the reflector.

The What to give from technology

What to give out equipment

Technique– a great gift, but usually it’s pretty expensive stuff. Also to select a thing that will last for years, you need to understand it, or be annoying and ask sales consultants about a particular product.

  • The audio recorder
  • The coffee machine
  • The shaver (epilator);
  • The coffee;
  • The e-book;
  • The juice;
  • The bread;
  • The apples;
  • The accessories (covers) for vehicles;
  • The headphones
  • The , electronic scales;
  • The speakers;
  • The Hairdryer.

The Gifts for comfort

Gifts for comfort

Cozy is a cute and warm clothes that will warm the wearer in the cold season of winter holidays, Recalling your attention and love.

  • The thermo;
  • The pajamas;
  • The candle holder with set of plugs;
  • The new socks.
  • The blanket;
  • The Slippers
  • The mittens;
  • The hammock.

The Useful gifts

Useful gifts

Useful – it will be useful real Housewives who love to gifts came in handy on the farm, or if you’re going to a housewarming party or you yourself as a practical person and do not like to spend money in vain.

  • The cloth;
  • The wall clock;
  • The beautiful teaspoons;
  • The pillow;
  • The table lamp;
  • The vase;
  • The bed linen
  • The kitchenware;
  • The original bakeware;
  • The teapot infuser.

If you have other interesting gift ideas – write in comments =)

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