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Student from Australia has created a number of video games especially for cats

At all times a favorite pastime of cats has traditionally been considered chasing a ball of yarn or hunting for a bow on a string. And Pets it was quite a happy. But time passes, customs change and in the current age of high technology, some owners are taking their cats with iPads, so they do not get bored.

Caring Australians

Not so long ago in Australia the Royal society for the suppression of cruelty to animals has released a series of video games for cats, called “Affection Collection”. While this series includes three games: first the cat can play with a regular ball of yarn, and secondly to repel the attack of hungry mice at a piece of cheese, and the third to try their culinary skills and cook the vegetables in the pan.
As recognized by the authors of the series, they wanted to diversify ordinary cat life and give them the opportunity to develop intellectually as well as physically. All you need to do is to put the tablet on the floor and run the game, and the cat himself will play as he pleases. Applications developed with the possibility of shuffling and reset to an animal has always been the gameplay. There is also a system of counting points for tracking the owner of the “progress” of your pet. It is possible that such games will become a real hobby for the furry Pets, like a cat Hobbygames, soon to be very popular.

View maker

The main developer of the series – resourceful student of the Australian University bond, Saxon Cameron. In an interview, he said that because cats are deprived of their natural conditions of existence, and hunting, it is necessary that they do not get bored, while the owners are not home, and did not lose interest in life. According to the author, cats these games were satisfied and show great interest in them.

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