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Night life of underground fighting

Night life of any city can hide a lot of secrets. Almost in every big city of the country, the night opened the “Fight clubs”, so called underground fights. Generated their wonderful Chuck Palahniuk, who believed that the liberation of the spirit and the body of a man. After all, with the opportunity to show what a fighter he is revealed and he feels the ring in any way. In this fight club like this it is possible to raise massive amounts of money, and in just one fight.

Night life underground

In America in the underground Parking lot of money raised for the fist fights. Such a brutal sport, organized former gang members. According to them, that would be even more rich, it is necessary to legalize the business, and the money will flow a river. Danny Provenzano is a former mobster believes that fisticuffs can catch up and become even more cool than the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Night life underground

Bobby Gana and ordinary soldiers, as it is very risk to say goodbye to their money, but the amount is not small. To become rich and famous for them, a situation in which this business will be legalized and it will burn out.

Member can raise in one night is about$ 100,000, but it’s not as often as they would like. The matter lies in the fact that the organizers of the Boxing matches take payment at the entrance, afraid to suffer his breakdown of the fight. How would you take the life insurance money. This is night life.

Night life underground

Boxing is not like with a fist fight, it is much more dangerous and requires more skill. People received at least one bad shot can end up in the hospital because of a broken hand. And to lose arm fighters, it can be said to be without bread for a while, until again able to get into the ring.

The soldiers try not to look for trouble, because you feel the danger that can happen in battle.

Night life underground

Yet it is not gang fights, and fighters after the fight, I want to show that not mad at each other, so they embrace and shake hands.

Night life underground

Of course, for the underground fighter, each movement made them a meaningful and prepared. It is unlikely that ordinary people will go to fight in a fight club without the skills and physical training. An experienced fighter will find how to complete the logical end of the fight. And it all happens in the night time.

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