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CIA methods: How to break work in a team

The office of strategic services in 1944 was distributed with a secret content. It said about how to undermine the work of the team and thereby inhibit the development of the company.

Brochures have been created specifically for residents of the countries of the axis powers, opponents of the Hitler coalition.

The Most amazing that the recommendations have not lost relevance in our time. All the same spec. service at the time, came up with a great way to become unfit employee. The so-called “methods of sabotage at work” were disclosed only in 2008. To read this document now.

To do this, simply go to the website of the CIA and read it cia.gov. This app has been much in action, and ordinary people greatly weakened the power of the production, follow the simple techniques of behavior. The Nazi unit, lowered the pace in all areas of production and manufacturing. Just glancing at the manual, you can understand that much effort to be a bad employee to work is not necessary. It is very easy. Packaging tubes might occur easily.

We present to your attention the most interesting quotes. If you look closely, at the present time in any office and team to see at least one person with this behavior as described in the instructions.

maybe You will want to check in with your colleagues?

How to organize your workflow

  • The Ask frequent questions which it is not appropriate at this time
  • The In the protocols require that the language was as accurate as possible and insist on it
  • The you do Not need to look for simple solutions to problems, conflicts or disputes. Let all the forces fast decisions
  • The Talk to people with long speeches, a tighten conversation using stories from your personal life or anecdotes.
  • The Try to resolve the issues involving the Committee and it is desirable that there were many participants. So you will distract from the work of more people.
  • The Needs to insist on re-examining the situation whether the issue.
  • The Insist that the work not be in a hurry, make fast decisions, to call for caution. Slow pace of response.

The Tips for managers – how to disrupt workflow

  • The Give preference to employees. Which are the most lazy and disorganized. Put them at the head of the process important and time-consuming.
  • The of Those who made a mistakes make them redo it several times even if the result is satisfactory
  • There is nothing easier as to lower the labor spirit of the team. Just praise the lazy employees. Those who work the least and does the work poorly.

  • The a Good idea to arrange meetings in those moments when there are a lot of unanswered questions.

The Tips for how to disrupt workflow:

  • The to Work as slowly as possible.
  • The Breaks should be as high as possible and often.
  • The to Do the works as bad as possible and blame it on the car. Equipment, conditions, etc
  • The in No case do not share my personal experience especially with those who need it at work.

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