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How to do massage yourself

Pain in the region of any of the muscles in order to relieve pain, the first thing that comes to mind is stroking, rubbing the sore spot. This will give only a temporary effect. To get rid of the pain necessary massage. If you can not get to the masseur, you can massage yourself. And it does not mean that the necessary massage table to buy which not everyone will be able. It’s much easier.

The People sedentary lifestyle lower back pain

This massage is necessary for the small size of the ball, very good ball for tennis. Presses the ball against the wall right half of the body at the level of the waist, standing on his left leg, the right bent at the knee. In this position, make a turn to the wall, so that the ball drives all the way to the spine and back. Exercise done five times, then drop the ball a little lower and again, drop the ball, until it fall to the coccyx. And done the left part of the body.

The Pain in the chest muscles. How to do massage yourself after your workouts

Exercise should be done after bathing, when the muscles are not tense. Here we use the same tennis ball. Standing face to the wall, presses the ball to the right side of the chest below the clavicle. The rotating movements of the floating ball to the sternum and back. Do five repetitions, then decrease the level of the location of the ball is 2 cm and again five iterations. Continue until, until the ball drop to the lower ribs. All the same, repeat with the left part of the chest.

The For runners. Muscle pain legs

For this type of massage need an object the size of a Golf ball. Sitting on the floor, put one of the feet on the ball and roll it back and forth, while doing the motion 10 times. Then try to roll the ball from the toes to the middle foot, then from side to side – repeat five times. So do the same with the other leg.

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