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Alcohol and sex

A glass of champagne or good wine that is sure to accompany a romantic dinner, in fact, will never be redundant. However, you can see a trend which indicates that ladies often drink much more than normal, especially if you know that after a romantic dinner is sure to be sex. The Why?

Psychologists have conducted a social survey, in which they noted that excessive consumption of alcohol before sex, caused by the subsequent reasons:

  • The 50% women drink to loosen up. They need to overcome their own complexes, which are often associated with fictional figure flaws. Also sober, they are often interested in the moral side of the question, when, after a certain dose of alcohol, they forget about it and just enjoy the action.
  • The 45% women consume due to the fact that it is in a state of intoxication can have sex the greatest pleasure.
  • The 5% women are unable to explain the cause of his need for alcohol before sex. But they say that sober they did not happen a sexual act never in my life, including with regular partners.

It should be noted that each of the above reasons, it is possible to give a full rebuttal. Maybe women and girls usvoyte that excessive alcohol consumption is injurious to health.

The Refutation number 1

Man the hell up for some sex with a girl in mind already undressed her and imagined her figure with all the pluses and minuses. And if he did not run away, and tends to sexual intercourse, he ready for anything, including to see a sexual partner in the morning, unpainted.

The Denial No. 2

Under the influence of alcohol the sensitivity of all organs is less intense, as the signals to the nerve endings reach slowly. That is why all is nothing more than autosuggestion.

The Denial No. 3

Not many people know that female alcoholism occurs quickly and unexpectedly. If every time before sex, you need to drink, maybe you should think to go to the doctor? Suddenly begins to develop alcohol dependence?

But, constantly need to wonder if you drink hunt exclusively with a single sexual partner, maybe the problem is not the alcohol? Perhaps there is no sympathy for the partner or it does not cause specific sexual desires? Then we can proceed in two ways. Or to seek a solution to the sexologist. Or, just change partner. Here everyone chooses for himself that he’s better!

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