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10 simple steps to health for really busy people


1. Charging at work

In any work, whatever it was, it is important not to allow your body to stagnate or stay too long in one place. Make every hour a five-minute charge. Don’t be lazy! In fact, it is easy, one only has to start and after a short time the concept of “charging at work” will become. Your office is located on the upper floors, then walking up and down the stairs exclusively. During the day, you can alternately perform a variety of exercises, for example squats, jumping rope (no rope, you could jump), various pushups — hard pushup from the floor, exercise standing, with the emphasis away from the wall.

2. Training method VIT

The abbreviation VIT means high intensity training. Today this method is excellent the decision to maintain health for those people who are very busy with chores, worries, work. To do training 2-3 times or even 1 time a week. Enough 20-30 minutes a day to fully load all the muscles of your body. Where do — at home or in the gym, it is your choice.

3. Be adequate

All these charge and five-minute workout on the method of VIT help you maintain and keep at a fairly high level your health. Accordingly, remember that your goal is not to become a professional athlete, and to be strong, vigorous, energetic and healthy.

4. Make a weekly menu

In addition to physical activity, you should also consider and your diet. Why? And to avoid unnecessary temptation, coming home from work, order a pizza and the other burgers. Therefore, every Sunday make yourself a weekly menu. Write a list of courses and a list of foods that you need to purchase. Provide yourself a week’s supply of food, to not think, “what’s for dinner tonight to cook?!”.

5. Prepare a Breakfast smoothie

Who do not know what a smoothie, for clarification, this is a thick drink made from berries, fruit or vegetables, mixed in a blender, add tea, milk, juice, yogurt, kefir, etc. Quick, tasty, nutritious, hearty and healthy! Cooked, drank it, rinsed the dishes and run to work.

6. Feel free to take lunch with them

You have prepared the lunch is much better, it is not clear what made the Burger that you decided to trick your stomach during the lunch break. Especially lunch, are taken out of the house, will help you maintain not only your health but also money.

7. Very busy? It offers delivery service

It happens that the time for a trip to the grocery store there is absolutely. In this case, you will help the delivery service to resolve this issue. Employees of a delivery service of any large supermarket will bring everything ordered directly to your doorstep. If you wish to reduce costs on service delivery, you can order a weekly supply of food. It is possible that some of your friends working in the field of trade, negotiate with them if you are not satisfied with something or you have no confidence to the employees of the supermarkets.

8. Cook once and more

When you are resting, make sure you make time and a half to two hours to cook large portions of food. Make billet of dishes for Breakfast, lunch and supper, then freeze them. These have almost ready meals will allow you to save time, is come home from work and defrost and reheat. Not to mention the salting and pickles of various vegetables and fruits. And it is so nice to eat healthy food!

9. Move more often

Life is movement and movement is life. So almost half your working day you have to move. Jog, walk. Sedentary work — a little wait. Not to numb the neck, shoulders shake every half hour, do circular movements of the head to either side, leg swings, arms. The main thing — to move. It does not take much time, but afterwards your body will thank you that you will not get sick.

10. Keep the word

Always stick to this myself word. You have a schedule for today allotted 2 hours for cooking or 20 minutes of high-intensity training, so be sure to do this. Do not give yourself any favors, and the more excuses that tomorrow or Monday will start… Most people attach great importance to their work, concerns and other issues, and, unfortunately, very late to understand that in our life the most important is health!

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