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The most expensive land in the world

The Monte Carlo. Monaco

The Most precious land in the world, according to the survey is in Monte Carlo, stands near $47 578 per square meter. Is the capital of the city-state of Monaco and is translated as “mount Charles”. The city is located hotel “Hotel de Paris” and big and the formula 1 track of Monaco Grand Prix.

The Moscow. Russia

In another place by Global Property Guide is Moscow. Average price per square meter of land in Moscow for less than half than in Monte Carlo and is a $20 853. And to rent a house on the ruble will be approximately $15 000 per month.

The London. UK

In third place was the birthplace of football and Sherlock Holmes-England. The price per square meter in London – about $20 756. In London to be the world famous Stonehenge and Buckingham Palace.

The Tokyo. Japan

Fourth place gets a Tokyo, Japan which is famous for its Imperial Palace. The price per square meter in Tokyo is $17 998.

The Hong Kong

Fifth place in the ranking of Hong Kong. The price per square meter of about $125 16. Its name translates as fragrant Harbor. Of the attractions it is possible to notice the clock tower as a monument of the colonial heritage of Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Square serves as the backdrop of historical ceremonies.

The new York. USA

In sixth place is new York, USA. The approximate price per square meter in new York is $14 898. The town is popular for its the Empire state building and the famous Statue of Liberty.

The Paris. France

Seventh place in the ranking was Paris, France. The average square meter in France will cost You $122 12. Attractions include the arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower.

The Singapore

Eighth place in the Republic of Singapore. Square meter site in Singapore cost an average of $9 166. The Republic is famous for its tough and effective laws. Is considered the cleanest city in the world.

The Rome. Italy

In ninth place Rome, Italy. In Rome, a square meter will cost $9 166. In Rome is a well-known Coliseum.

The Mumbai. India

And at last, the tenth place was Mumbai, India. The square meter here costs near $9 163, not much less than in Rome, but still. In Mumbai is Gateway of India and Prince of Wales Museum.

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